How to Play Junglee Rummy – Detailed Tutorial


How to play Junglee RummyWhen it comes to online rummy tutorial, I’m sure you’ve heard enough about the basics of the game including tips, tricks and strategies for one eternity.

If you’re looking for exact tutorials on how to play Rummy online in ‘Junglee Rummy’, then you’ll love this blog.

We already have a video tutorial section, this blog is a simple checklist that will bring you more close to the Junglee Rummy platform.

As rummy enthusiasts, we have developed the platform keeping our players in mind. If you are new to Junglee Rummy, you can easily get used to it and play confidently.

Here’s exactly how to do it

Junglee Rummy Game Lobby

We have a refined gaming platform designed by implementing the latest improvements in game development so that you can have a magical experience with us.

If you are new to Junglee Rummy, you need to register before you could start playing. We have made the registration procedure hassle-free for your convenience.


Just go to, and you can see the registration form in the homage page banner

Junglee Rummy Register Now

Input your preferred username, password and email address and click on ‘Play Rummy Now’ and you are good to go.

Here’s the deal

Once you are registered to Junglee Rummy, you will be entering the game lobby. The lobby is the place where you can see all the games that are hosted on our portal.

Junglee Rummy Game Lobby

When you log in to the game lobby, you can notice the different vertical tabs that differentiate all the rummy game types. You can choose from ‘Cash Games’, ‘Practice Games’ and ‘Tournaments’ in the game lobby.

Within these tabs, there are the different rummy variants that are differentiated by tabs. You can see all the details of your account in the lobby info bar.

Game lobby info bar

You have the option to invite your friends and to see your account details including your username, bonus details, practice chips details, and cash details. Players also have the option to add cash directly from the game lobby info bar.

Once you chose a rummy game that you are interested in, your table will be loaded in a new window.

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A walkthrough of the Junglee Rummy Table Interface

Our portal is the most user-friendly in the industry. We offer you a convenient platform to play rummy; you can access all the major resources from the table without having to navigate to the game lobby.

It gets better:

You have two gaming interfaces – Meaning you can play rummy in the classic 2D table or you can choose to play in the 3D table according to your preferences.

In the table, you have all the options and settings required to tweak the table layout and design. In the upper right of the table window, you can see a ‘gear’ icon. You can click on it to toggle full screen and mute the audio of the game.


Toggle full screen and Mute

How to Change the Rummy Table Theme in Junglee Rummy

In Junglee Rummy, you have the option to change the table theme and the table view to 3D. To change these preferences, you need to head to the top right button with a ‘photo icon’.  Once you click on it, you can see the following screen:

Change Junglee Rummy Theme

Players have the option to choose from the following themes:

The Garage

Garage Theme in Junglee Rummy

Las Vegas

Vegas Theme in Junglee Rummy

The Club

Club Theme in Junglee Rummy

Royal Castle

Royal Theme in Junglee Rummy

Living RoomLiving Room Theme in Junglee Rummy

Cricket Pitch

Cricket Theme in Junglee Rummy

Start Playing in Junglee Rummy

Once you begin the game, a toss is made to select the first player.  Every player gets a card, and the player with the highest card wins the toss.


Toss in Junglee Rummy

After the toss is made, the cards are dealt to the players. You have the option to sort your cards by using the ‘sort’ button that is present in the game table. This will sort your cards according to their corresponding suits and rank.

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Here’s the deal:

Sorting Cards in Junglee Rummy

The best part?

You can create new groups and arrange the cards the way you like. You create multiple groups; this will help you figure out the cards that you need to finish the game.

Now is when you start playing the game.

Picking a card:

Once it is your turn to play, you need to pick a card. You have two options; either pick a card from the open deck or the closed deck.

Picking a card from closed deck

Picking a card from the open deck

You can either click on the cards, or you can drag the card from the decks to your cards.

Discarding a card:

Once you pick the card from the open deck or closed deck, you need to discard a card from your hand. You can select the cards and click on discard, or you can drag the card to open deck to discard.

Discarding a card

Group the cards:

Junglee Rummy has made it easy for the players to group your cards. All you have to do is to click on the cards that you want to group and click on ‘group’. You can also drag the cards to create a new group or merge it with the existing group.

Grouping the Cards

Finish the Game:

Once you have melded your cards into sets and sequences, you can finish the game. To do this, you can click on the card you want to finish and click on the ’finish’ button. You can also drag and drop the card to the finish slot.

Finishing the Cards

Declare your cards:

After you have finished the cards, you need to declare your hand. You need to group your cards into valid sets and sequences if you have not done it and press ‘done’.

Declaring the game

When in Doubt, make use of the In-Game Video Tutorial

All the tutorials mentioned above can also be found in the in-game video tutorial section. You click on the ‘Question mark’ icon on the top right of the table to get all quick video information regarding the game.

In game video tutorial

You’ve read about all how to play rummy on Junglee Rummy. Now it’s time to give it a try.

The first step?

Head straight to the game lobby and join a game.

Also, Leave a comment to let me know the step you found confusing.

Either way, leave a quick comment below right now.

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