Classic Tips and Tricks to Use in Rummy


Rummy becomes more interesting as the players learn to devise strategies and apply them in the game. There are many rummy tips that can be learnt online; but there is huge scope to invent your own strategy that may be specific to a particular rummy game.

rummy tips

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The Discard Section: Expert rummy players observe the game carefully. They keep a check on the moves made by their opponents in order to not discard a card that may be useful to them. Keep a close eye on the discard section to know what cards other players do not need and, therefore, guess what they may need.

The Joker Trick: Jokers can be game changers in rummy and must be used accordingly. Players typically do not use the joker to make pure sequences. It is a good idea to discard cards close to the joker, so that the other players do not find your discarded cards useful. For instance, if 5 hearts is the joker, you may discard cards like 3 hearts, 4 hearts, 6 hearts and 7 hearts. The opponents may hesitate to pick up these cards and you can remain ahead of the game.

High Value Cards: To maintain low points, players usually discard cards of higher values. In case a player is observed picking up high cards instead of discarding them, there is a huge possibility that he/she has a sequence or a set which is about to be ready. So, if you see a player picking cards of high value, avoid discarding cards close to the card that the opponent picked up. This way you can restrict your opponent from making the sequence or set and also limit him to the high value cards in his/her hand.

Devise Strategies – Take Risks: Although it is safe to discard high point cards in the beginning of a classic card game, one may take the risk to discard them after a couple of moves. This is because your opponents may discard their high value cards which you can use to create sets and/or sequences. One may get an idea in a couple of moves if any of the opponents is interested in discarding high value cards and a henceforth a strategy can be planned.

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