Three Secret Rummy Tips Revealed


It’s out! We are thrilled to reveal some secret rummy tips that will help you to win!  Learn these exclusive rummy tips and master the game of rummy!

rummy tips

Sequence, Not Set!

Everyone knows this rule – Focus on Sequences, not Set! But still, most of the players get lured by sets and they miss the chance of making a sequence. If you have a single Ace and see another one on the Open Deck, don’t take it to make a set. Instead discard that Ace and get rid of unwanted cards. If you see an 8♥on the Open Deck while you have groups of 6♥ 7♥ and 8♦ 8♣, use the 8♥ to make sequence, not a set of eights. A group of 6♥ 7♥ 8♥ offers better chances of continuing the sequence as you can have more probability of getting 5♥  and 9♥  in Open and Closed Decks.  But if you make a set of 8♦ 8♣ 8♥, the outs will get limited to just another eight of spades. So, remember folk – Focus on making sequences to improve the probability of getting more outs.

Dropping isn’t that Bad

Being a hero doesn’t always lead to happy endings! You must have the guts to drop as well. Dropping doesn’t necessarily mean defeat. It offers you a chance for comeback and makes you a mature player. Always analyse your hand before making your first move and count the number of moves that you need to make to complete your valid hand. If the moves are above eight, it is wise to go for first drop. While playing if your opponent picks more than 5 cards from the Open Deck, he/she might be about to finish the game. In such scenario, it is advisable to go for middle drop. So, there’s no harm in dropping. If people can fold in poker, why can’t you? Drop like a hero and come back for some sweet revenge!

Middle Cards Matter!

You must have observed that middle cards like 5 and 6 are easily picked by your opponents. But have you observed why? That’s because middle cards give you more chances to make sequences and sets. Middle cards like 5 and 6 offer a range of possibilities to form sequences with cards like 3, 4, 7 and 8. The versatile middle cards can form more combinations and give you better odds. So, it is advisable not to discard middle cards during the initial moves of the game. If you have single 5 or 6 cards, keep them till the last moves and discard them only when you see that your opponent shows no interest.

So, do you feel enlightened? Follow these secret rummy tips and play like a pro at Junglee Rummy! Upgrade your skills and become a real master of cards!

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