Rummy Tips and Tricks #13 – Groups to Avoid


Struggling to make a sequence in Rummy? Probably you are stuck with one of these groups! Always avoid making groups where you need just one particular card to make a sequence.


Arrange your cards into groups that have better possibilities of forming sequences. If you make any of the mentioned groups in your hand, you limit the chance of making sequences.

A 2 | A K | Q A

Still not convinced? Here are the reasons to avoid making these groups in your hand:

A 2 – You can make a sequence with only 3

A K – You can make a sequence with only Q

Q A♣ – You can make a sequence with only K

Note – Similar situations are applicable on all suits in online rummy games.

Rummy is a game of mathematics and probability. The probability of winning increases if you have greater number of Outs to form sequences. So, always form groups that have at least two Outs to form sequences.

Chances of making a sequence can improve if you have a joker; however, you need lady luck. Try not to make such groups in rummy and limit your chances to make sequences with just one specific card.

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