Rummy Tips and Tricks #14 – Use the Discards Section



Did your opponent pick your discarded card? You probably made the wrong move! Avoid such mistakes by using the most useful tool of Discards Section. See every card discarded by your opponents and maximise your chances of winning in rummy!

Use this vantage point to check all the discarded cards in real time. You will make lesser mistakes and make sure that opponent does not pick a single card from the Open Deck.

How can you use the Discards Section?
Check the bottom left section in the game screen. Click on the tab with the cards symbol – See all the cards discarded by your opponents.

How does Discards Section help?
Rummy is a game of skills where you need to use your memory to remember all the cards discarded by your opponents. However, with the Discards Section, you need not have to memorise all the cards – You can view each and every card discarded by your opponents.

Example: You can use the Discards Section and check all the discarded cards. If your find that your opponent has discarded a King of Hearts during the game, you can safely discard an Ace or Queen of Hearts or even a King in different suit. There are fewer chances that your opponent will pick any of these cards as there will be lesser scope of making a set or sequence with another King of Hearts.

Use the Discards Section and improvise your strategies at Junglee Rummy! Stays updated for more rummy strategies and improve your skills to win BIG in rummy online!

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