Rummy Tips and Tricks – It’s Time to Win More


Are you losing in rummy? Tired of blaming your luck? Think again! Rummy is not about chances; it’s all about skills! Here are some of our free rummy tips and tricks for you to improvise your gameplay and win more in online rummy games.

rummy tips and tricks

Don’t have an Ace up your Sleeve

Stacking high point cards does not help in online rummy, as there are less chances of forming sequences and sets with cards of high rank. Discard them whenever you can, keeping in mind that the cards are not needed by your rummy opponent.

Your Move: Ace, Kings, Queens, and Jacks have 10 points each. If you have a single high value card without any close card to form sequence or set, just discard them immediately. Don’t wait for another high value card to arrive. If your opponents declare the game, you will lose with least number of points if you discard high value cards.

Use More Middle Cards

Make friends with middle cards like 5 and 6. It is always easier to use middle cards to make combinations with other cards. You have better chances to make sequences with middle cards, as the probability of having consecutive cards is more compared to high value cards.

Your Move: If you have cards like 5 or 6, don’t discard them immediately; wait for a few moves. Such cards have higher chances to form sequences with cards like 3, 4, 7, and 8. There is higher probability that these card could appear in either open or closed deck on the rummy tables.

This Joker is Serious

Jokes will be on you if you don’t use Jokers wisely. Jokers are like your aces, they can change the game. As they can replace any cards, make sure that you use jokers to form the right sequences and sets.
Your Move: Use Jokers only after arranging a pure sequence. Once you have arranged a pure sequence, use Jokers to form a second sequence. If you have made both pure sequences, use Jokers to make other sets or sequences. Jokers also help to minimize penalty, if you arrange it with high point cards.

Track Your Opponents’ Moves

Observe your opponents’ picks and discards closely. Don’t discard a card close to what your opponent has picked from the open deck. Use the Discards Section as a vantage point to view all the cards discarded by your opponents.
Your Move: If your opponent discarded a King of Spades, you can discard Ace or Queen of Spades or King of another suit. There are fewer chances that your opponent will pick your card, as he/she had already discarded a similar card previously.

Juggle your cards

The best rummy tips and tricks would be to re-arrange your group of cards constantly. Form new groups of cards and arrange it instantly when a suitable card arrive on the open deck. This also works when your opponents declare; you minimize loss and keep a total of low points.
Your Move: If you have already made a pure sequence, don’t arrange the remaining cards to form sequences only. Re-arrange them constantly so that you also have the option to form sets as well. Constant re-arrangement gives you alternate ways to finish the rummy game quickly.

Drop it, Try Again

If you find that you are dealt with no jokers and have fewer chances to make sequences, the best rummy tips and tricks would be drop it. You will lose fewer points compared to an uncertain result where you could lose with more points. There is no harm in accepting defeat and try to win in the next rummy game.
Your Move: When you join a high stakes rummy table, check your cards quickly to find out whether you have good chances of forming sequences. A hand without jokers could be dangerous. If you are not confident, drop the game on your first turn. It will be considered as ‘First Drop’ and you will lose only 20 points.

So, practise these free rummy tips and tricks while playing rummy at Junglee Rummy. When you use these tips to play rummy and the result is obvious – you will hit your opponents with a double whammy!

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