A Complete Guide to Rummy Tournaments


A Complete Guide to Rummy TournamentsIt’s no secret that tournaments are the most exciting way to play Rummy online.

In fact, it’s a pinnacle of multiple skills: you need to master time management, analytics, probability and good old Rummy strategies to win the game.

Bottom line?

If you want to enjoy the excitement of Rummy, you need to participate in tournaments.

And in this guide, I’m going to explain you everything you need to play and win rummy tournaments.

Let’s dive right in.

At Junglee Rummy, you can find a broad range of rummy tournaments in the game lobby. You can find cash tournaments and freeroll tournaments of different sizes and prize pool.

The tournament table is where your skills are put to the ultimate test, if you win, you are worth it!

(That said, there are a tonne of people who take part in the rummy tournaments just to polish their rummy gaming skills 🙂 )

Let me show you how to join a tournament.

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How to Join a Tournament in Junglee Rummy

We are one of the best rummy sites in India and we offer a clutter-free game lobby and table design. Joining a tournament is a piece of cake. All you have to do is to log in to your Junglee Rummy account to enter the game lobby.

Once you are in the game lobby, you can see the top tabs separated by ‘All’, ‘Free’ and ‘Cash’. This allows you to select the type of tournaments that they are interested in.

Junglee Rummy Tournament Game Lobby

Why does this matter?

This allows you to streamline the different tournament sizes. Apart from this, you can also filter the tournaments according to their variants: ‘Regular’ and ‘Rapid’; we will see the difference of the variants in a bit.

Regular and Rapid Tournaments Filter

Once you have decided your tournament type and format, you need to register for the same. In the game lobby, you can see the entry fee of the tournament, prize pool, seats left, start time and the join button.

Find the exact tournament type they are planning to join and double check the tournament start time, entry criteria and click on the join button. You will then get a pop-up to confirm and join the tournament. You need to click on ‘Yes, I want to Join’ button to confirm the registration.

Tournament Join Confirmation Pop-up

If you do not have enough account balance to join the tournament, you need to add cash to your account to participate. You will get a pop-up similar to this.

Not Enough Balance to Join the Tournament

You can click on the ‘Deposit Now’ button, this will take you to the cashier section where you can add cash to your account. After depositing, you can register and join the tournament.

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Here’s the deal:

Once you have joined a tournament, you will get an email confirmation regarding the complete details of the tournament. The important thing to note is that you should join the tournament on time or you will lose your opportunity to participate in it.

Email Confirmation on Joining the Rummy Tournament

Now, let’s dig in deep on the different tournament variations.

What are the Different Rummy Tournament Types and Formats in Junglee Rummy?

As discussed earlier, Junglee Rummy hosts a broad range of Cash Tournaments and Freeroll tournaments on a daily basis. You can choose the tournament that is tailored for you.

Choose Cash Rummy Tournaments for a Bigger Prize Pool

The entry fee of the cash rummy tournament varies depending on the prize pool and tournament size. If the prize pool is high and the tournament size is low, the entry fee can be higher. The tournament entry fee ranges from Rs.5 to Rs.50 in most of the cases.

Why does this matter?

Cash rummy tourneys are for a bit mature rummy players. If you opt to pay an entry fee and join the cash tourneys, you can win from a huge prize pool as compared to the normal tournaments.

Start Your Tournament Experience by Joining for Free

Another option is the freeroll tournament that you can enter for free. The average tournament size ranges from 500 to 1000 in free tourneys, whereas it is around 500 in cash tournaments. This is an amazing platform to start your tournament career.

The best part?

You will have a fabulous gaming experience, as you play with multiple players which in turn increases your gaming skills. Progress through the multiple rounds to win the tournament.

See more details of the tournament that you are going to join by clicking on the ‘details’ link next to the tournament join button.


Rummy Tournament Details Page

Rapid and Regular Rummy Tournaments for Increased Excitement.

Rapid Rummy tournaments add more excitement to the game as you just have 25 minutes for every round and the chip leaders will progress between rounds.

This type of rummy tournaments demands you to play fast and win fast. You want to be the chip leader at the end of the 25 minutes.

While in the regular rummy tourneys, every round lasts for 60 minutes. As mentioned earlier, you can apply a filter in the tournament game lobby for ‘Regular’ and ‘Rapid’ tourneys.

Alternatively, you will have a clock [Rapid Tournament Icon] symbol near to the ‘Rapid’ tourneys for you to recognise.

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Infographics – Rummy Tournament Checklist

While getting ready for the rummy tournaments, there are many things that you should be aware of, especially if you are new to the game.

Infographics - Rummy Tournament Checklist

So, the next time you are planning to take part in a rummy tournament, make sure that you follow this checklist. Make sure that you join the tournament in time; you can win your way to the top of the tournament to win exciting cash prizes.

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How to take part in major rummy tournaments and win exciting cash prizes?

Now it’s time for me to show you my 3 favourite rummy techniques that you can implement while playing tournaments.

#1 Understand that tournaments are time-bound

Tournaments are time boundWhile playing rummy tourneys, you need to understand that a rummy tournament consists of many rounds. And every round is time-bound. At the end of the every round, the chip leaders advance to the next round.

So make sure that your major priority should be to win maximum rounds and thereby get maximum chips within the time limit.

#2 Drop the game if necessary

Drop the game if necessarySince you want to get minimum points during the game, don’t hesitate to drop your hands if the hand is not good. Depending on the tournament format, that is ‘Rapid’ or ‘Regular’; you need to adjust your gaming strategy.

It is always not a bad idea to drop your hands. So, make the right decision at the right time like an intelligent rummy player to win in tournaments.

#3 Take a note of your opponents

Observe your opponentsTournaments contain multiple rounds, so it will be better to read your opponents closely. There are rounds where more than one player is selected to the next round. So there are chances that you might play with the same opponents.

If you closely monitor your opponents, you can grab their gaming style and play strategically. Play smart while you are on the tournament tables.

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Now it’s Your Turn.

Now that you’ve gone through the entire guide, I’d like to hear from you.

What do you think of Rummy Tournaments?

Or maybe you have a question about a gaming strategy.

Either way, leave a comment below.

I’ll be around to respond to your queries.

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