Rummy for Dummies – A Detailed Tutorial


‘All things are difficult before they are easy’ – Thomas Fuller

It is exactly the case with rummy, isn’t it?Rummy Tutorial

The basics of the game are really simple, and you can easily learn the game by spending 5 to 10 minutes of your time in this simple rummy tutorial.

In this tutorial, we will be covering the 13 card Indian rummy rules. We will look into the basic rummy rules and also some tips on how to master the game and win.

Here’s the deal:

We can start off with the cards – We use two decks of cards to play 13 cards rummy. These cards are then shuffled and dealt to the players. Every player gets 13 cards each.

The game can be played between 2 to 6 players. The excitement of the game enhances as the number of players increases. (You can find different table sizes in online rummy)

So, what’s the game?

Rummy is a ‘draw and discard’ game and there are a ton of rummy variants that are played worldwide. In the 13 card rummy variant, you need to draw a card from the deck and discard a card from your hand. Your objective should be to meld the cards into sets and sequences.

[quote] ‘Fun Fact’ – This process of arranging your cards into sets and sequences is known as ‘melding’.[/quote]

What are sets and sequences?

Set: A Set is an arrangement of 3 or 4 cards of the same value but from different suits. Look at the examples below:

Set in Rummy Example

Important Note: All the cards in the set should be from different suits, so make sure that you arrange the card correctly. You can see an examples of incorrect sets below:

Incorrect Set Example

What’s wrong?

In the above example of sets, you can see that ♠A is repeating twice in example #1 which makes it invalid. Whereas ♠2 is repeating twice in example #2 which makes it invalid.

Sequence: A sequence is an arrangement of 3 or more consecutive cards of the same suit. Refer the examples below for more clarity:

Sequence in Rummy Example

Important Note: Make sure that the cards are of the same suit. Make sure that you do not mix up with the colour of different suits. Examples below:

Incorrect Sequence in Rummy Example

What’s wrong?

In the above examples of sequences, you can see that ♦10 does not match the sequence of ♠7 ♠8 ♠9 in example#1. Whereas in example #2, you can see that ♦Q does not match the sequence of ♥A ♥K making it invalid.

You might be thinking that it can be difficult to meld cards like that. Well, that’s why you have the Joker cards. Joker cards can be used to substitute the missing card in your meld. There are two types of Jokers in rummy.

Kind of cool, huh?

Printed Joker: The normal Joker Cards that comes with the deck. A deck will contain a single printed joker. Since we are using 2 decks, there will be 2 printed jokers.Printed Joker in Rummy

Wild Card Joker:  This joker is selected randomly from the remaining cards of the deck after dealing. All the cards of the same value becomes a Joker.

For example, If ♠Q is randomly selected as the wild card joker, then all of the following cards are considered as Jokers in that game.

Wild Card Joker in Rummy ExampleSee the examples below:

You can use the joker cards to complete a set or a sequence:Set and Sequence with Joker in Rummy

What’s the Gameplay?

The gameplay of rummy is really plain and simple. Once the players are dealt with 13 cards each, the remaining cards are faced down to form the ‘closed deck’.  The last card from the closed deck is placed faced up to create the ‘open deck’.

You can either take the card from the open deck or from the closed deck. Once you pick the card, you need to discard a card to the open deck. Similarly, your opponents have the option to pick the card and discard the card.

If you meld your cards into sets and sequences before your opponents, you need to place the final card in the ‘finish slot’ win the game. You also have the option to drop the game if you think that you cannot win the game.

Deck and Slots in Online Rummy

How to make a valid declaration and win the game?

To make a valid declaration, you need to have at least two sequences, one of them being a ‘Pure Sequence’ and rest of the cards melded into sets or sequence.

What is a pure sequence?

Pure sequence is also known as ‘life’ in rummy. It is nothing but a sequence without using substitute ‘Joker’ cards. So make sure you have at least one pure sequence in your hand.

This is what a valid hand looks like: Valid Hand in Rummy

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How is point calculation done in Rummy?

Rummy is a game that is played for points. Each card has corresponding points associated with it. If you win the game, you will get zero points. If you do not finish the game first, the points of the cards that are not part of a meld will be calculated.

Here’s the deal:

Face Cards (high-value cards) has 10 points each.

Ace – 10 points

King – 10 points

Queen – 10 points

Jack – 10 points

Other Cards ( 2 to 10) hold points corresponding to their numerical value.

2 – 2 points

3 – 3 points

4 – 4 points


10 – 10 points

I can’t emphasise this enough.

The maximum points that you can get in a game of rummy is 80 points. Even if the sum of all cards that are not a part of the meld is higher than 80, you will be given just 80 points.

How else will you receive points?

  1. Wrong Declaration: If you make a false declaration, you will get 80 points
  2. First Drop: If you drop the game before making a move, you will get 20 points
  3. Middle Drop: If you drop the game after picking up a card, you will get 40 points

This is it. So, try to score fewer points as compared to your opponents to be on the safer side of the game

So, now as you know how to play rummy, you now need to learn how to win in rummy!

Increase your Winning Percentage by 30% by Applying these Simple Rummy Strategies 

After learning the rules of the game from this rummy tutorial, you need to practice to make it perfect. There are multiple things that you can do to win the game – You need to submit your complete attention to the game, you can also apply some rummy tricks. See the infographics below on how to win a game of rummy.

How to Win Rummy Infographics

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Why does this matter?

These are some of the things that matter the most in rummy.  It can help improve your gaming style and enable you to play like a pro.

Let me break it down for you.

Observe: Focus and observation ability are the primary skills that are required in online rummy. If you can focus on the game entirely, you will have the upper hand against your opponent.
If you continuously monitor your opponents and see what cards are being picked from the open deck and what cards he discards, you can guess the cards that your opponents possess.

In online rummy, you have the option to see all the cards that are discarded during the game through the discards section. Use it to your favour!

Rummy Strategy - Discards section
Discards Section in Junglee Rummy

We have conducted an internal survey based on our user interaction and found that players who play rummy with completed focus are 30% more likely to win the game.

Strategize: Rummy is a game of skill and players approaching Rummy strategically can easily overpower their opponents. Many basic rummy strategies can be applied to the game.

You need to practice your rummy strategies regularly. You need to know when to use these strategies to the tables. If you can correctly execute these strategies, you can improve your odds of winning!

You can play with multiple players in online rummy. This diverse gaming experience will allow you to learn different rummy strategies from expert rummy players online.

Practice: Practice makes a man perfect! Consistently practice the game in our training tables. All our players can join our practice table and play unlimited free rummy games.

That’s not all:

Practice table is a fantastic platform to learn rummy games and Implement your rummy strategies and tricks. You can also practice rummy on the go, rummy game download option is now available on Junglee Rummy. So, do not miss this opportunity!

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