Which Rummy Variant is Best for You on a Busy Day?


Playing online rummy is fun and with multiple variants to choose from, the game has hit new peaks in popularity compared to other games in India. With time constraints, it may be hard for you to hit the tables every day but with some slight planning, you can play your favorite card game daily. Picking the rummy variant is one such element that will help you to plan your game day and make the most of it even if you have less time to spend. Pool, Points and Deals rummy are the popular formats of the game which are present even in the latest of rummy website. So, wherever you play Indian Rummy, you may be playing any of these 3 variants of rummy.

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In this article on the best suited rummy variant for a player who is struggling to manage time, we have given points on the best format of the game that will suite each set of players. Read now and let us know which one you would prefer in a time constraint situation.

Pool Rummy

Pool Rummy, also known as Syndicate is the most popular rummy variant which can be played by a maximum of 6 players. The game runs for longer time than other formats of the game as the player have to survive the games with least points not touching either 101 or 201 depending on the game format. Any player who has the least score wins the game and the players who cross 101 or 201 are eliminated instantly. In Pools Rummy, points are calculated after every deal just like other rummy variants which makes this game tricky as you have to play to win every deal.  Your endurance will be tested in this game format and only the best players with patience and top notch skills can survive until the end.

Deals Rummy

Although considered as one of the fastest variants of rummy, Deals Rummy is played for pre-defined number of deals and points are assigned to the players. You can play for a minimum of 2 deals which can be finished in a maximum of 15 minutes. Once the cards are dealt, players start playing with their chips that denote the points. A winner gains the chips from the losing opponents after each deal and a player with highest chips when all the deals are finished is declared as a winner of the game. As you can’t drop if only 2 players are in the game, you will have to finish all the deals to complete a game.

Points Rummy

Considered as the fastest rummy variant, Points Rummy is played only for 1 deal. The game is played just like other variants of rummy but the assigning of points differs a lot. In Points Rummy, the winner of each round gets 0 points and the players who are not able to declare will be assigned with points of deadwood cards. The game continues until all the players except the winner reach a maximum limit of 80 points. The winner gets 0 points and he will be awarded with cash prize which is the Total Points of the Opponents X Pre-decided Points Value – Rake Amount.

So, next time you are time bound, you know which rummy variant to play! If you have a feedback, query or suggestion on Junglee Rummy, let us know by mailing us at [email protected] or posting it in the comment section below.

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