Rummy vs Poker – How different are they?

The primary difference between Rummy and Poker is the skill factor that rummy requires to play, unlike Poker which is more dependent on luck. Because of this reason, rummy can be legally played in the country because it’s a game of skill and not a game of chance.


Both Poker and Rummy requires more than two players to begin the game. Both games start when the cards are dealt to the players by the dealer.

Organizing or setting up cards in sets/sequences makes both of these games similar.

Both the ramee game and poker gives importance to the playing order and managing cards in the hands.

Both games need the players to look at and evaluate their respective cards the moment they have been dealt.

You can fold or drop out of both rummy and poker game anytime you want.

In both rummy and poker, all the players need to show their cards as soon as the winning hand is declared.


The cash we win on Poker primarily depends upon the betting whereas, in a Ramee game, no betting amount needs to be placed.

Rummy is both about the cards you hold and the skills you have for playing the game, whilst Poker relies upon the cards you get to a more substantial level.

Rummy is more of a calculative game; whereas poker is based more on assumption.

To summarize, both rummy and poker are great games for social engagements and win some cash. But the difference mostly comes from the skill and luck factor involved in playing these games.

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