Secret Rummy Strategies Shared by Winners


Being a rummy player is one thing and being a winner is a completely different ball game. It actually takes a fair amount of practice to actually master the game of rummy. If you have got the skill and the expertise to overpower your competitor, you can win your way to the top and become the most renowned rummy player in town!

Secret Rummy Strategies & Tips

Obviously the winning rummy players implement different rummy strategies to win the game. There is a famous card quote: ‘It is not about the cards you are dealt with, but how you play your hand’. This quote is valid on every stages of life; but it is literally true while playing rummy. Here we are discussing some of the secret rummy tips & strategies that are implemented by the rummy winners

Top Rummy Strategies

Please note that, you may need the experience to perfectly implement these tips and strategies while playing online rummy games.  Advanced rummy tips and strategies are more or less like magic tricks; it takes an experienced man to execute it successfully without any flow. Also you should note that there are no fool-proof strategies in playing online rummy, so be advised.

Online Rummy – Discard Section:

Have an idea on what cards your opponents have picked up from the open deck and what cards they have discarded. This will enable you to make a wise discard that your opponent does not value. The online rummy has got its differences with the offline counterpart. In traditional rummy, you had to memorise the cards that your opponents had discarded. You can make use of the discard section in the online rummy website by checking out the cards your opponents have discarded.

For example: If your opponent has taken the cards like ♥9, ♥10 etc, you may have to refrain from discarding cards closer to the value like ♥7, ♥J, ♥Q etc. This increases their chances to make a pure sequence which may further lead them to win the game.

High Value Cards:

The basic rummy tips advice players to discard their high value cards so that the points can be reduced. However since you are planning to evolve into an expert rummy gamer, you may have to give value to the high value cards. While you are playing rummy and your opponent has taken a high value card, the chances are that he is likely to make a sequence or a set out of the cards. In this particular scenario, it is wise to hold your cards instead of discarding them. Discarding the cards closer to the cards that your opponent has picked up will increase his odds of winning.

For example: If your opponent has picked up the ♣K, do not discard the cards that are closer to the high value card like ♣A, ♣Q etc. This will increase the odds of your competitor. Alternatively you can discard the cards that high value cards of different suits like ♥Q.

Cards Adjacent to Joker:

As you know that there are printed jokers and a wild card joker selected at random from the closed deck. Most likely, you will not make a sequence or set with the face value of the wild card Joker unless you are trying to make the last sequence/set. It is wise to discard the cards that are adjacent to the Joker in the first few rounds. This will make sure that you can utilize the jokers more efficiently. These cards can be discarded without much worry, as the opponents will also not be interested in the cards adjacent to the Joker.

For Example: Consider that the wild card joker selected at random from the closed deck is ♥6. In this particular scenario make sure that you discard the cards closer to the Joker like ♣5 ♦7 ♠5. These cards will reduce your chances to utilize your jokers for much difficult / valuable melds.

Reverse the Trick:

You can do a fair amount of bluffing in rummy as well. As you know most people already know these rummy tips, you can utilize their knowledge and be a bit smarter than them. Some of the things that people do in the beginning are discarding the high value cards first. You can start by discarding the low value cards like ♥2 ♣4 etc; this will trick your opponent into thinking that you have a very good hand and is about to finish the game. This will make your opponent want to fold his hand. You can also pick up the cards from the open deck more often. This will also give your opponent a false idea on the cards in your hands and may fold.

Hope you enjoyed these rummy strategies which can help you upgrade to an expert rummy player. You can level up on your rummy gaming skills if you learn to use these techniques in the appropriate time. Keep playing and be a pro rummy gamer.

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