Some Secret Rummy Tips and Tricks

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13 card rummy is an interesting game which can be easily mastered if you play your cards right. With a little bit of mental calculation and concentration on the game, you can easily overpower your competitors. There are no easy ways to win the game but if you can give attention to the game, the odds of winning will be on your side. Some of the basic to advanced rummy strategies are explained below.

Memorise the Cards

It takes some training to memorise the cards but it is worth the effort once you master it. Remembering the cards that your opponent discards and picks from the open deck will enlighten you on the cards that he/she is holding. This can be utilized so that you can discard the cards that your opponent has least interest in. You can also decide when to fold if you analyse the pattern in which your opponent is picking up the cards.

Discarding the Cards

You should wisely discard the cards that you do not need. Discard the high value cards first that you think is not appropriate to make a set or sequence. This makes sure that even if your opponent finishes the game first, you will be holding lower points in hand. Discard the cards that are consecutive to the ‘wild card Joker’ as many of the time you want to use the Joker for melding other cards.

Advanced Strategies

Apart from these tips, you can confuse your opponents and trick them to fold their hand. If you discard the low value cards first, it makes an impression that you have a very good hand and you can fold at anytime. Similarly picking up the cards from the open deck also confuses your opponent. In most of the cases, the opponent will fold his cards to avoid further damage. It is vital to note that you should confuse your opponent only once in 5 to 10 games, as this improves your trust factor.

So head directly to the tables and use your skills to compete and win against your opponents. Junglee games also supports mobile gaming platforms, you can do a 13 card rummy game download from the mobile app section in our website.