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5 Secrets of a Positive Life


Whether we accept it or not, we are what we think. Our thoughts make us who we are. If we dwell on negative thoughts, our mind starts breeding pessimism and perceives things in a negative way. We are often advised to “stay positive” during difficult times or circumstances. However, when the challenges are big, this advice seems nothing but a distant dream. It is difficult to cope with a bad situation, let alone find motivation to remain positive. 

Surely we have our moments of happiness and bliss. However, most of us are plagued by persistent negative emotions. So how do we remain positive in our lives? Just like anything else, it takes years of practice and perseverance to cultivate optimism and happiness. We need to overcome our tendencies to focus on the threats and breed positivity into our lives. Here are 5 secret habits that you can incorporate to discover the secret of being happier.

Stay away from negative thoughts

The most primary step to stay positive in life is to shun negative thoughts. Breeding negativity influences our behaviour in the most damaging ways. Your outlook about life and everything around you changes radically and it manifests bad behaviour too.

If you are having too many negative thoughts lately, take a moment to unwind your mind and analyze the facts and realities of life. Abstain from any form of negativity like bad friends, colleagues and even relatives. Find someone who is your confidant and with whom you can share your deepest feelings. If you do not wish to share your secrets with anybody else, you can also choose to write it out in a journal.

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We all have that someone in our lives who is extremely fond of health and fitness. That person could be either your parent, sibling or even a close friend. How do you feel around them? The answer may be varied, but the most common answer would be “happy” and “motivated.” People who exercise on a regular basis radiate positivity and motivate us in many ways. Exercising treats our mind and body in the healthiest ways possible. It releases natural endorphins to our brain that makes us feel happy and reduces any feeling of stress and worry. Moreover, it also helps keep our body fit, which ultimately boosts our self-confidence and discipline. Tweak your daily schedule for at least 30-40 mins and make time for exercise. You can try out various forms of exercise such as yoga, pilates or even zumba to bring some positivity in life. If not, you can always join a gym or a fitness group to bring some discipline into your life. 

Play online games

Whether you play gully cricket or rummy game, playing games can be very fun and entertaining. They help us unwind from a hectic day, spend quality with friends and family or simply help us enjoy the moment. Nowadays, millennials are turning to online gaming to stay positive, learn new skills and add value during their free time. Skill games like rummy are known to test abilities like analytical thinking, logical reasoning, decision making, memory and attention span. Moreover, rummy offers quality entertainment and there are incredible opportunities for players to win real money in prizes. Many online rummy apps like Junglee Rummy offer players the opportunity to play exciting cash games and tournaments and win from a prize pool of lakhs and crores of rupees. Don’t worry if you are new to the game. You can always always play practice matches and play with real players from across the country. Many of these players are experienced players who have been playing the game for years. You can observe and learn from them on how to stay positive during the toughest of games and emerge victorious.

Accept and Find Solutions

Whether good or bad, change is an essential part of our lives and many of us are afraid to embrace it. We become so comfortable in our little bubble that we fear to accept changes and become indifferent toward them. Sometimes, we may also perceive them in a negative light. Why not take them in a positive way? We must learn to accept changes as they are and deal with them. For example, many people hate traveling and drop the idea of traveling to a new city for job opportunities. So when they receive a transfer, they are quick to quit the job and find a new one. Instead of quitting, why not move to a new city and explore new horizons? Perhaps it could be the beginning of something really good. Accepting changes is a part of life and it can help us grow mentally and emotionally. Try to look out for positive aspects and find solutions to adjust to new beginnings.

Practice mindfulness

Mindful meditation is a popular practice that bridges the gap between awareness and living in the moment. Regular practice also helps improve our cognitive power, inculcate positive thinking and become more accepting. People who practice mindfulness are often calmer and less judgemental. They dwell positivity into their lives and are very affirmative during tough times. If you are someone who deals with a lot of stress, you can definitely try mindful meditation to bring positivity in your life. Start with 5 to 10 minutes and slowly stretch it to 30-40 minutes. Soon, you will observe the change you have been looking for.

Positivity takes a lot of effort and you must never give up on staying positive. However, it is not necessary to stay positive all the time. It is okay to have bad episodes. Perhaps these are trying times of life to test your brain and how it reacts to such situations. You can pick up any of these habits or practice all of them to bring more positivity into your life.

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