How your Games are secured in Junglee Rummy


As a responsible rummy gaming company, our major aim is to offer our players with a trouble free and secure gaming platform.

This is a thorough explanation on how we secure your game table in Junglee Rummy.

In this article, you’ll understand how to play Indian Rummy online in a safe online environment.

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At Junglee Rummy, we value security as an important feature of the game. This is the main reason why we have implemented the best-in-class security for our players.

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How We Manage to Offer Superior Gameplay with Highest Level of Security [Inforgraphics]

By implementing cutting edge security features and leaving no stones left unturned, we have managed to maintain our credibility of being the most trusted rummy site in India. This infographic will show the areas we have maintained our focus to operate as a responsible rummy gaming company.

Secure Gaming with Junglee Rummy - Infographics

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Let us go through this in detail:

Web Encryption

web encryptionWe have maintained site-wide encryption to avoid identity theft and information tampering. This helps secure all the sensitive information that you input in the site including your username, password and account details.

We make sure that all data is secured with the highest level of encryption. Our encryption is well above the Payment Card Industry (PCI-DSS) compliance, making it a secure platform to share your details with confidence.

Player Protection System

Player Protection System at Junglee RummyThis is an additional measure from Junglee Rummy to save your game in an unfortunate event of internet disconnection.  Our Player Protection System (PPS) groups your cards to least points in the event of a disconnection.

Here’s the deal:

So, if you are about to declare the game, the PPS will group your cards in the same way as you did before the disconnection. If your opponent declares, PPS will group your already grouped cards to help you get rid of the mid-game drop points.

24×7 Table Monitoring

24x7 Rummy Table MonitoringOur round-the-clock monitoring system will detect and avoid any sorts of fraudulent behaviour. We have a custom algorithm that runs 24×7 to achieve a pure environment for fair gaming. All the tables are monitored with the anti-fraud algorithm, and anti-collusion measures are taken as soon as the game starts till it finishes.

There are special checks on two player tables, and additional measures are taken to prevent any fraudulent behaviour. With this, you can be sure of a fair gaming experience at Junglee Rummy.

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Secure Online Transactions

Secure Online Transaction at Junglee RummyWe have tied up with the best payment gateways in the industry. In addition to this, our cutting edge encryption technology will secure all the information that input through our site. Learn more about secure online transactions.


All the information that you share is securely stored in a confidential environment. Frequent security updates are done periodically to ensure complete protection of information. We do not share any of your information with third party agencies.

RNG Certification

RNG Certification with iTech LabsWe have earned the reputation of being the most trusted rummy site in India by offering top quality services and by implementing a reliable portal to play. Also, we have also certified our platform with RNG (Random Number Generator) Certification from iTech Labs.

We have also taken additional measures to make the seating random across tables. As an additional security measure, players from the same IP cannot join the same table. These measures make Junglee Rummy a secure platform to enjoy rummy online.

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You’ve read the detailed security techniques that we have implement in our site.

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