How to Secure your Junglee Rummy Account?


rummy account securityPlayer account security is something we, Junglee Rummy give high importance on. It not only makes the gameplay seamless without fraud events but also makes the players satisfied as they will get the game worth every penny they deposit. A rummy account can be compromised in number of ways. Best way to avoid is by not sharing any of your rummy account details to anyone, not even to your friends.

Below mentioned tips will help you to protect your Junglee Rummy account further more against hacks, cheats and other transaction related security issues.

  1. Use a secured e-mail id for making your account with us.
  2. Don’t let others to easily guess your username/e-mail id. So, make it a bit complex to comprehend.
  3. Do the same with your passwords by inserting special characters and mixing up with uppercase and lowercase characters.
  4. Don’t write down your username and password in the same place. If you want to write it down, make sure they are not accessible by anyone else.
  5. Changing your password in a month or so is also a good idea to protect your account from hacks.
  6. Don’t use the same password everywhere. If you do so, one password is enough for the hacker to hack other web based accounts you have.
  7. React promptly to mails and messages that say your account has been compromised.
  8. Use a valid mobile number which connects to your rummy account.
  9. Never fall for social media scams which promises free chips or cash if you click the link.
  10. Ensure you have spam filter switched on, on your mail id.

By taking appropriate measures like this, you can be sure you are playing rummy with safe account that is not easily accessible even by a high profile hacker. If you encounter any suspicious activity in your rummy account, feel free to mail us at [email protected].

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