Secure Junglee Rummy Account

5 Tips to Secure Your Junglee Rummy Account


Earlier, rummy was known as a social game that was played only during special occasions. However, that completely changed once the latest technologies and high-speed internet came along and classic games like rummy were introduced online. Now 13 cards rummy has become a part of our daily lives. However, it also brought a new front – online security.

If you are a fan of online rummy, there is a good chance that you play the game at least once a day. It does not matter whether you play on a desktop or a smartphone, whether you play while commuting to work or on your bed. If you play, you must know and prevent risks associated with online gaming threats and frauds.

We, at Junglee Rummy, ensure maximum safety and security to all our users. For that, we have incorporated several safety measures such as SSL encryption, PCI and DSS compliance, and multiple secure payment options for safe deposits and withdrawals. However, there are still some ways in which your online rummy account might get compromised. In order to avoid that, follow these 5 tips to secure your Junglee Rummy account.

  1. Use high-security passwords

Raise your hand if you have ever used your name or your date of birth as your password. We all have done that at some point in our lives. These passwords are easy to remember and that’s why we use them in the first place. But they provide little to no protection against hackers who can access your account without your knowledge. Using simple passwords is the key reason behind online theft and data breach.

So it is very crucial to use complex passwords for all your accounts, including your gaming account. You can create a complex password using uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. You can also seek a password generator to generate complex passwords for your gaming account. 

To ensure maximum security:

  • Do not share your password with anyone.
  • Refrain from saving your passwords on your browser.
  • Never use the same password for multiple accounts.
  • Never forget to log out of your account when you are done playing games.
  1. Never share your confidential information

Online gamers must be extremely careful while playing any game online, including rummy. Always avoid sharing your personal and sensitive information with anyone. We, at Junglee Rummy, never ask for your credit card details or any private information such as OTPs or your CVV number over texts or calls. 

When you share confidential information with anyone, you are exposing your gaming account to several online threats. If you ever receive such calls, you must know they are not from Junglee Rummy. You must immediately block and report such numbers and connect with our official customer support team for further assistance.

  1. Malware downloads

Some hackers target players with fake game updates to hack into your account. They might trick you into downloading game-related software that consists of malicious malware. When you download and install such malware, hackers can access your private information and take control of your gaming accounts.

You must download and install the Junglee Rummy app only from the official website, the Play Store, or the App Store. Downloading the app from an unknown source can lead to serious security issues.

  1. Scan your computer regularly

How often do you scan your computer? If you do not do it at all, it’s time that you start scanning your computer on a regular basis. Viruses, computer worms, and spyware put your system as well as gaming accounts at risk. So it is very important to have an active antivirus system installed to prevent the invasion of viruses into your computer, thus maximizing online security.

  1. Phishing emails

Phishing email is a common and effective method utilized by hackers, which you must be aware of. In this method, hackers send out fake emails consisting of a link to install malicious software into your system or a link to a hoax website. These emails are designed to access your confidential information such as email addresses, bank account details, and other personal information. 

One way to go about this is to activate the spam filter available on your Gmail account. You also need to ensure that you never click a link from an unsolicited email. Always go to our official website or app to check out any offers available for you.
In a nutshell, you must secure your account for a safe gaming experience. Take appropriate measures as mentioned above and secure your account. If you observe any suspicious activity on your Junglee Rummy account, feel free to connect with us at [email protected]

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