Why You Should Switch from Offline Rummy to Online Rummy


Rummy is a popular game that has been played for centuries. There are many players in India who play rummy professionally and take it as a major source of income. The classical rummy game, played with physical cards, is full of hassles and hard to play. The advent of online rummy games has made it easy for rummy lovers to enjoy the game in a hassle-free way. People play Indian classical rummy online because of its great features. Junglee Rummy offers players with all the facilities that you could ask for. We have made our platform so simple and easy to play on that you get used to the interface in a single game. This article will help you make the decision on switching from offline rummy to online rummy.

Shift to Online Rummy

Start the Game Right Away

With online rummy, you can start playing the game right away without having to wait for your friends or family. In the classical rummy variant played at a physical table, players were required to gather at a place to play the game. With online rummy, the hassle of initial set up is done away with. All you need is a computer or a smartphone and an active internet connection to play the game.

Play Whenever You Got Time

The next best thing of online rummy is the convenience of time: you can play the game whenever you like. You could play the classical rummy only after considering the convenience of your opponent players. With online rummy, you have the option to play the game whenever you like. There are millions of registered players on Junglee Rummy and you will even find players online in the middle of the night or in the wee hours.

Play While Traveling

This is the most revolutionary feature of online rummy. We have a full-fledged mobile website that you can directly log on to on your smartphone and start playing. This gives you the opportunity to play rummy on the go. You can now play your favourite rummy tournament even while you are travelling or when you cannot access your computer. The mobile vision of the game is optimized to work on 3G / 4G mobile networks without any issues and gives you the complete rummy experience.

So if you have not switched to online rummy yet, register for Junglee Rummy now. Please do mail us any queries of yours about the tournaments and promotions on Junglee Rummy at [email protected] .

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