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These 5 Signs Are Your Cue to Drop in Online Rummy Games


Diwali is just around the corner and we know that you have multiple card parties to attend. Card parties are usually hosted during traditional pre-Diwali soirees that last all night long. Rummy is a staple card game played at such parties and people often put in stakes to amp up the excitement of the night. 

If you know how to play the rummy game online, you can use your skills to become the star player of the night. However, there may be occasions where you find it difficult to arrange cards into required combinations. During such a time, players tend to lose their confidence and end up losing track of the game. 

If you get bad cards while playing rummy online, what could be the viable thing to do? While many players would still continue playing, experts opt to drop their cards and exit the game. This is a useful strategy to reduce the margin of loss and penalty especially when someone else seems likely to declare their cards before you.

Read on to understand how and when to exercise the drop option in online rummy games.

The “Drop” option

When the cards are not in favor and you know that you are likely to lose the game, it is better to drop out. When you make use of the “Drop” option, you gain less penalty and can reuse those stakes in a subsequent cash game. There are three types of drops:

  • First drop: When you leave the game before making a move, it is considered as a first drop and you get a penalty of 20 points.
  • Middle drop: When you leave the game after making your first move or in the middle of the game, it is considered as a middle drop, which will cost you a penalty of 40 points.
  • 3 consecutive misses: When you miss three consecutive rounds in a game, you are automatically dropped from the game. This will cost you a penalty of 40 points.

Here are 5 situations when it is ideal for you to drop out of the game:

  1. Ungrouped high-value cards

We all know that a rummy game requires you to keep a track of your score. Players have to maintain the lowest score to make a valid declaration in the game. When the cards are dealt, you should count your points at every turn and work on reducing it. 

High-value cards tend to increase your overall score in the game. If you have multiple high-value cards ungrouped and you have been unable to discard them at the early stages of the game, you should consider dropping out. This is a smart move as you will be opting for a middle drop, which costs you a penalty of 40 points. This is better than getting a penalty of 70-80 points for your ungrouped high-value cards.

  1. No joker in hand

Jokers are used as a replacement for any missing card in an impure sequence or a set. These cards are very important in a rummy game as they help reduce your overall score. Players often get excited when they have multiple jokers in hand. But what happens when you don’t get any? The answer to that would depend on the type of cards you have. But what if you are unable to arrange cards into the required combinations after the first few rounds? 

Jokers can help you make quick combinations. However, if you do not have any, the time required to create a valid combination will be more. Moreover, there are high chances that one of your opponents will declare his/her cards in the meantime. When you have no jokers in hand and are unable to arrange your cards after making your first few movies, you should consider dropping out of the game. 

  1. Difficulty in creating a pure sequence

A pure sequence is a combination of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit. No jokers are used to substitute any cards in this combination. A pure sequence is mandatory to make a valid declaration. 

A lot of times, players have two consecutive cards of the same suit but are still unable to create a pure sequence. This is because they do not get the desired third card required to complete the combination despite playing several rounds. In this case, it is vital to drop out and save yourself from getting a high penalty.

  1. No connecting cards

Suppose you are able to create a pure sequence within the first two rounds in a rummy game. Now what about the remaining cards? It will be easier to arrange them into required combinations if you have a joker. But what if you don’t? In that case, you should look out for connecting cards. 

Connecting cards or middle cards are mid-value cards ranging from 3s to 8s. These cards can be easily arranged into viable combinations, especially sequences. However, if you do not have these cards, you should consider dropping from the game and save yourself from getting a higher penalty.

  1. Overall score higher than the penalty for a middle drop

If your score is 10 to 15 points higher than the penalty for a middle drop, which is 40 points, you should consider dropping from the game.

The “Drop” option is a useful strategy employed by many expert players. Take a look at each situation carefully and try to implement this strategy when required in practice games. 

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