Simple Guide to Learn Indian Rummy Card Game Rules


Rummy card game is one of the easiest card games to learn and play. Unlike other card games which involve complicated set of rules or an element of luck involved in them, rummy card game can easily be learned. To learn the game, you can take some help from your friends, family members, researching in internet or just by trying your hands on the game itself.

rummy card game

As the game is simple and easy to play, we, Junglee Rummy have brought a guide to learn Indian rummy card game rules in the simplest of ways. Bookmark this page to your browser and refer whenever you have a doubt while playing the game. This will make you not to forget the rules and will also help you to play the game better than ever!

Cards & Dealing

The rummy card game can be played by up to 6 players at once and two cards of decks are used if there is more than the minimum number of 2 players playing it. Each player taking part will be dealt with 13 cards which he has to make melds (sets and sequences) with. In the game of rummy, a dealer is picked with a toss often done with playing cards. The player who gets highest value card is picked a dealer who will be dealing 13 cards from his left-hand side. Once the cards are dealt, Open Deck is made by picking the first card from the remaining cards and placing it facing up on the table. The remaining cards form the Closed Deck.

Game Objective & Point System

The objective in rummy card game is to create sets and sequences from the 13 cards in your hand. The first player to do so will be crowned a winner. Out of the sets and sequences, players need to have at least one compulsory pure sequence (sequence without Joker cards) in their hand. Players can pick and discard from closed or open deck to complete their sets and sequences.

When the winner declares the game and is confirmed valid, he will be having 0 points for the round whereas the opponents will receive points according to the unmatched cards in their hand. If a player drops at the beginning of the game, he will be given 20 points, for middle drop it is 40 and if he lose without a valid hand, he will get the maximum of 80 points.

The rummy card game is a game of skill and strategy and only the best can earn the win. You can learn the strategies by playing more games on practice tables, freeroll or cash tables in Junglee Rummy. If you have any query regarding game rules or game play, drop a mail to [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.

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