Skill Based Games Replacing Action-Packed Games

Contrary to the traditional belief that playing games are merely an addictive source of entertainment and a way to divert the mind from tedious activities, recent research have proved that playing games actually has numerous benefits. Ever since the online gaming market has started booming, the benefits of games have begun turning out to be downfalls as well.

A new battle between the games of skills and the action-packed games has started in the recent past. With the coming up of real-time action games as well as RPG games like PubG, Clash Royale, Fortnite and others, the fight has got even stronger. Skill games like chess, rummy, Sudoku, etc are still there in the market but have started losing charm as they don’t provide effortless entertainment.

Upsurge In Skill-Based Games 

With the development in the demographics of online gaming, there has been a shift in the interests of people towards games of skills. Card games like poker, rummy and teen patti have occupied a large domain of online games. The conversion of famous offline games into online ones have led to the growing popularity of card games among both young and old alike. The development of online skill-based game apps also gave rise to a new class of people who are keener on playing games like chess, Sudoku, poker, and rummy over action games.  

Skill Based Games Solving Challenges Gamers Face

Many online game players have complained about high data, memory, and battery consumption while playing games. The culprit is the lots of graphics which slow down the phone and sometimes even reduces its life. Such problems got resolved with the coming up of skill-based game apps. They require less time to load, use less memory & battery life and maintain a clean interface.

Effects Of Playing Action Games vs. the Skill-based Games

Playing games helps a person to manage tasks with much ease as compared to a person who doesn’t play any game at all. Playing games provide the player with a vision and perception to solve the tasks. Games help in the development of cognitive skills. Also, the constant mental exercise helps in improving and strengthening the brain. Skill games like rummy help to indulge one’s brain in continual stimulation, thus improving the brain’s performance.  

It is found that people who play action-packed games have a very normal approach to violence. They have more aggressive thoughts and behavior as compared to a non-gamer. The idea of controlling, killing, and destroying anything and everything in the game often makes them argumentative in nature. Due to the growing disadvantages of action-packed games, youngsters, are opting for light & entertaining games.

In skill-based games, the player learns the art of patience and working in a coordinated way. It helps you to comfortably handle situations, which requires concentration as well as mindfulness. Skill-based games like rummy help the player to build strategies as well as enhance their mathematical skills. Moreover, a lot of players choose skill-based games to influence people as well as to exhibit their proficiency.

Reasons Skill-Based Games Are Replacing Action-Packed Games

With growing awareness, a lot of people are choosing skill-based games over action-packed games as they don’t have many harmful effects. They work as a mental stimulant and enhances memory as the player has to remember patterns and moves to move ahead. Such games also make an individual responsible and pro in decision making as quick decisions need to be made during the skill-based games.

Skill-based games like rummy help the player to develop multi-tasking skills as they need to arrange, discard, and pick cards simultaneously. It gives you the opportunity to interact and deal with various players. Observational skills and reflexes improve. The time challenges which almost every person faces in today’s world can comfortably accommodate a game or two of skill-based games in their work breaks or while commuting. The regular tournaments, leaderboards, and offers also make skill-based games a good catch.

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