Speed as a Tactic: Read This Before It Gets Deleted!


If you have been playing rummy, one thing you must have realized by now is that the way the game is played has gone through a drastic change.

Historically, the game didn’t have a time limit, and people were free to take as much time as they deemed necessary to make a move (if other players didn’t pressurize one to make the move quickly, that is).

However, today the game is associated with speed and tactics and requires a player to be on his toes if he/she wants to win.

That is because today the game has reached a level where people from different locations are challenging each other in competitive games and tournaments online.

So when it comes to online tournaments, time is of the essence and taking too much of it can result in a loss.

Why Is Speed Important Today?

In an online game of rummy, there is typically a time limit on how long a player can take to make his/her move. The speed at which a player plays a game in itself is a tactic.

If someone has a nice set of cards, he/she would typically want to finish the game as soon as possible, before others can get their hands on a good set of cards to turn the game in their favor.

If you have a nice set of cards in your hand, it’s better to be fast with your moves in the game.

However, should you have a bad hand in a rummy game and you figure out that a player is super fast with their moves and his/her turn is well before yours, it’s always better to drop out of the game. This way you only lose by drop points, i.e., 20 points or 40 points (middle drop) and nothing more.

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Speed as a Tactic for Gauging the Opponents’ Next Move

Since we talked about a player being fast with his/her moves, what if they start taking more time and slow down their game?

If you suddenly realize that a player is slow in picking and discarding cards, there is a possibility that he/she is about to declare the game. If that’s the case, then it would be wise to discard any high point cards to avoid losing by additional points.

How fast or slow a player makes his moves is important for you to observe.

So, the next time you play online rummy, make sure that you keep a watch on the speed of your opponent.

Remember that speed is an important tactic, just like patience, in a game of rummy!

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