How to Spot a Noob in Online Rummy?


With more online rummy websites popping up every day, we can be sure of playing with an amateur player every now and then and it’s not that hard to spot one of them also. Playing with an amateur player gives us an added advantage of increasing our win ratio and thereby fame to affect the confidence of even the seasoned players of online rummy. The best result of this tactics? You can start bluffing on a game like rummy and can even win real cash games.


In this article we will be talking some of the traits we found in players who are not-so experienced with the rummy game rules as well as on the ways the game is played.

Lack of Practice

It is a common symptom on anyone who is not good in playing the game. Lacking practice games can directly affect your performance on freeroll and cash rummy games. Most new players tend to join the cash rummy tables after receiving their free cash which they get by registering an online rummy website. This tendency to make quick money often ends in vain if the player doesn’t have a history of playing rummy offline or in any other online rummy websites.

When a player makes a registration, most rummy websites suggest the player to try his hands first on practice and freeroll tables which helps the player to get used to the features of the website as well as the basic rules of the game. Once acquainted with these, an amateur player can move to different game variants and formats to upgrade his rummy skills.

Picking One Too Many Cards from Closed Deck

Closed deck in rummy can be said as a deck that can be used only when there are no desired cards on the open deck. If a player is randomly picking one card after another from the closed deck, the opponent is smart enough to understand that the player doesn’t have a good hand to complete his meld. To make it even hard, the opponent will only discard unwanted cards by checking the player’s picks and discards from the “Discard Window” which is a one of the top feature in most online rummy websites.

While playing online rummy, a player needs to think like his opponent. Whenever you are picking a card or discarding, think how a specific card will affect your opponent’s gameplay. We don’t want to make our opponent gain an easy win. Instead pick the cards you want from the open deck every now and then to confuse your opponent about your rummy strategy.

Using too much of Chat Feature in Online Rummy

Amateur players tend to use and exploit features that look so exciting to them. One such feature that is often getting exploited by amateur players is the Chat feature. Made to make rummy friends and to learn new tactics, the chat feature allows the new players to expose their gameplay and strategy to a pro player sitting with him. If you are wondering why a player didn’t reply to your chat messages during the gameplay, this is the reason why he avoided you. The more you interact and try to engage between serious rummy games, there is a higher probability that you will reveal your hand to your opponents. As a suggestion, it is always best to avoid chat feature and put your focus on practicing the game with as many players as possible.

Noob Rummy Players are often Quitters

Quitting playing the game is something that we do when we find the game hard to play. It is something that amateur players also do. But unlike other games, card games like online rummy requires skill and cannot be learned if you are quitter. Instead of quitting after a hard game, try your hands on practice tables for a couple of days with free chips that most rummy websites give you for free. Once you are confident of your gameplay, you can always make a re-entry to the cash rummy tables and tournaments and play for your lost pride.

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