Squid Game Memes

Hilarious Squid Game Memes for Rummy Lovers


Unless you have abstained yourself from the internet, you might have surely come across the latest Korean drama series, Squid Game. A Netflix original, this show has become a worldwide phenomenon since its release in September 2021. Some of you may have even watched the show, while taking breaks in between each episode to process everything. We aren’t kidding when we say this thriller show brings chills down your spine!

The show revolves around cash-strapped people competing for the grand prize but with fatal stakes. We don’t want to give away any spoilers as to how each character dies or who is the ultimate mastermind of the game. But it does have many soul-stirring moments that come like a bolt in the blue! And now we see why the internet is going crazy over Squid Game memes. 

We thought of creating a few memes of our own and boy will these leave you in splits, if you have watched the show. From the Red Light, Green Light girl bot to sugar candy, here are a few Squid Game memes for rummy lovers.

#1. Playing rummy without practice vs. Playing rummy after practice

#2. Me before playing online rummy vs. Me after playing online rummy 

#3. Beginners and Practice Rummy Games

#4. When you love playing cards too much 

#5. Me when I get the desired cards while playing a rummy game

#6. Me when I find out my ex won ₹10 lakhs in a rummy tournament

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