How to Have a Super Productive Diwali Weekend


Diwali is the time we unite with our family. This year, Diwali happens to be on Thursday, the 19th of October. Most of us have planned and applied for leave on Friday to have a LONG WEEKEND!

Here, we are discussing how to make the most out of your Diwali Weekend. There are many things that you can do this Diwali to make it an amazing weekend.


#1 Take part in the Grand Diwali Dhamaka Tournament

In India, holidays are the time when traditional games like rummy are played. You can have a great time playing rummy this Diwali and win from a massive prize pool of Rs.10,00,000! This Diwali, log in to Junglee Rummy and take part in the Grand Diwali Dhamaka tourney to get a chance to win from the massive prize pool.  Click the below image to join the tourney!

Grand Diwali Dhamaka

#2 Learn a new skill

If you have planned your holiday in advance and took a leave on Friday, you will have a very long weekend of 4 days! You can be productive by utilising this weekend to learn a new skill. There are many skills that you can pick up in such a short period. Learning a new card game can be considered a skill – Head straight to and learn how to play rummy games online and you can play with your circle of rummy friends.

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#3 Try a new fitness regime

It can get difficult for your body to adapt to a new fitness regime if you are working. Since you have four days long weekend, you can try a new fitness regime, and you give time to your body to adjust to the new regime. It is always great to focus on your health at times, try a new diet plan this Diwali weekend and take care of your health!

#4. Sell unused stuff online

You can also try selling stuff that is of no use during this weekend. There will be stuff in your home that takes up a lot of space and which do not serves a purpose – Sell them all! There are many online classifieds sites where you can post your ads for free. The best thing about Diwali weekend is that you will have better visibility of your ads as everyone will be free and will be looking forward to buying stuff online!

#5 Get Creative and build something amazing

Get creative and do something that you always wanted to do! Create a blog you always wanted to write, set up and create a website, build something, the options and limitless. So it is up to you to find what you like doing the most and enjoy! So, prove your creativity this weekend and be proud of your work 😉

These are some stuff you can do this Diwali and make the most out of your time. It is always festive times like this you need to enjoy. So, start planning your long Diwali weekend!

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