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Shift from Traditional to Online Card Games

With the realm of internet associated services emerging as an essential part of human life; traditional services are now being shifted online. The ease of access that internet-related services offer has made a major breakthrough in the online industry. Same shift of paradigm is happening positively in traditional games as well, which has uplifted many Read More

Posted on : April 18, 2016
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Is Rummy Card Game a Good Brain Booster?

We have been living in an ever evolving world and our brain acts as a major element in any evolution theory. Games, education and other social activities play a major role in brain development in early stages of human life. Talking about games, card games like 13 Cards Rummy or Gin Rummy is known to Read More

Posted on : March 15, 2016
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Infographics on Online Rummy versus Offline Rummy

Learn the Basic Differences between Online Rummy & Offline Rummy Although, Indian rummy started as a game enjoyed widely between a group of friends or family members, the evolution of the game to its online format has made it possible for us to enjoy this game of skill, anywhere and any time! The infographics below Read More

Posted on : February 19, 2016
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Rummy Strategy to Bait & Trick your Opponent

Rummy is a game in which you need skills to play well as well to outplay your opponents. One such skill or rummy strategy while playing online rummy is to trick your opponent in thinking that you have a bad or good hand.  Once your opponent is convinced, you can be sure of him either Read More

Posted on : February 15, 2016
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Can you Crack this Rummy Quiz?


Posted on : February 5, 2016
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