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Rummy Strategies | How to Play like a High Roller

Becoming a high roller is not easy! You need play good number of games along with hours of practice to achieve a certain level of expertise. However, if you know some of the ways to play like the experts, your quest to become a good rummy player can be much easier. Here are some of Read More

Posted on : May 2, 2017
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Rummy Strategy: How to Bluff in Online Rummy

Bluffing is one of the most effective tricks in card games. In most of the popular games like poker, teen patti and other, bluffing can help to you win the game even if you are dealt bad cards. But have you ever wondered that bluffing is also possible in rummy! You must be wondering how? Read More

Posted on : December 31, 2015
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Rummy Tips and Tricks #13 – Groups to Avoid

Struggling to make a sequence in Rummy? Probably you are stuck with one of these groups! Always avoid making groups where you need just one particular card to make a sequence. Arrange your cards into groups that have better possibilities of forming sequences. If you make any of the mentioned groups in your hand, you Read More

Posted on : February 2, 2015
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Rummy Tips and Tricks #15 – Set or Sequence

What will you make in rummy – A sequence of 6♠ 7♠ 8♠? Or a set of 8♦ 8♣ 8♠? Some will choose to make a sequence while others will pick a set. Both are viable options but chances of winning will increase if you choose to make a sequence. If you make a sequence of 6♠ 7♠ 8♠, Read More

Posted on : February 1, 2015
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Rummy Tips and Tricks – It’s Time to Win More

Are you losing in rummy? Tired of blaming your luck? Think again! Rummy is not about chances; it’s all about skills! Here are some of our free rummy tips and tricks for you to improvise your gameplay and win more in online rummy games. Don’t have an Ace up your Sleeve Stacking high point cards Read More

Posted on : January 5, 2015
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