How Our Stars Influence Our Play: Astrological Signs and Gaming


You might find it crazy if someone tells you that your astrological signs can actually affect your performance in a Rummy game. The way one plays one’s cards varies from player to player as different stars control them.

If you still refuse to believe it, here is a brief analysis of each astrological sign to give you an idea of how and why each player reacts in a certain way during a game.


It is a struggle for an Aries to sit still at a Rummy table. Quick and spontaneous by nature, you find it difficult to live with the pace of the game. Aries are well known for being a reservoir of energy and this helps you to knock everyone out of the table in stressful and complex game situations. you have great analytical skills, which helps you to decide easily whether discarding certain cards or retaining them is a better option.

Tip for Aries: Try not to be impulsive and adventurous in every game.


Being headstrong and strong-willed, you have the highest chances of winning at Rummy tables. Your tolerance level is really high due to which you rarely lose temper during a game. Taurus people are known for being slaves of their senses. This often makes them play at high-value tables. Your reserved personality makes you a difficult players to win against in games like Poker and Rummy.

Tip for Taurus:  A methodical and pragmatic approach will help you win in tricky situations.


Your mood defines your game strategy. Your communication skills benefit you greatly and work as great distractive tools during a game. When stakes are high, your moody and indecisive nature needs to be kept under control. The endless permutations and combinations in your head help you form all the possible sets and sequences. Being a storehouse of knowledge, it is wise for you to not give free suggestions to your opponents.

Tip for Gemini: To avoid unnecessary losses, make up your mind before entering a game.


Players with the Cancer astrological sign usually keep their guards high during games. Their high intuitive power is the reason behind their successful game plans. You are usually quite at the table and carefully observe each player’s move. You believe in playing games which assure a sense of security. Alluring deals and offers don’t interest you much. You look for a place which can give you a trusted and secured platform to play on.

Tip for Cancer –  Learn from your past mistakes, but don’t dwell on them.


If you find someone dominating all the moves in a game, chances are this player belongs to Leo. The fixity and permanence rate of your tricks and strategies might bring you to limelight. You tend to get egoist if someone questions your talent and skills. Last-minute changes in plans can annoy you a bit. Leo people fancy exclusive tournaments and games.

Tip for Leo: Try to be less bossy and controlling during games.


You seek perfection. When you are at a game table, there is a possibility you will try to change things until they get optimized to your level of perfection. Your habit of paying attention to minute details helps you recognize the possible sets and sequences at the table. Your nagging and complaining nature can become annoying for other players during a game.

Tip for Virgo- Avoid being restless or nervous if things begin to move away from your desired game plan.


If you prefer to enjoy games played with like-minded people, chances are you are a Libra. The Libra is a sign of balance. You use your skill of diplomacy to maintain balance and solve conflicts which arise during a game at the table. Your talent to find flaws in everything helps you spot any loopholes in a game strategy. You believe in safe and secure gaming. Sometimes even the slightest risk can convince you to drop out of a game even if you could have had a great game if you continued playing.

Tip for Libra: Instead of looking for ideal cards, look for an ideal strategy to deal with the cards you get.


It will be an interesting game if a Scorpion is one of the players. Players usually underestimate you due to your sensitive nature but what they miss is how secretive and committed you are when it comes to the game. Your psychological depth and intuitiveness help you to win every round at the table. Intense play interests you the most. The strong fear of being betrayed or fooled stops you from playing with strangers.

Tip for Scorpio: Try to sync your strategies with your intuition to improve your win rate.


You look for free-flowing play. You enjoy gangsta-style setups in games. Twists and tricks give you a rush at the table. You are one of the friendliest and most positive players to play with. You are counted among the most learned and experienced players as you never repeat your mistakes. The strong urge for constant activity can keep you hooked to the game for long hours.

Tip for Sagittarius: Try to be a bit less vocal during games for your own good.


Capricorn players are very responsible and practical while gaming. It is very difficult to crack you as you keep your emotions under check. You understand the value of material aspects and money, due to which you start the game with an end goal in mind. Your smart approach baffles all the players at the table. You usually follow the traditionalist method and strategies to win games.

Tip for Capricorn: Govern your desire to structure and control as it can become annoying for others during a game.


You are very popular because of your easy-going and accommodating personality. Your sense of observation is strong, due to which you can sometimes even exactly predict the cards that other players have. You usually don’t get very much involved in the game. You cool-headedness and high tolerance level helps you to remain calm even during stressful game situations.

Tip for Aquarius: Try to be less cocky and more cheerful when someone questions your talent.


Decoding a Pisces player is the most difficult task at the tables. You have a capricious way of handling cards. As Pisces players use erratic tricks and strategies, one would find it virtually impossible to win against a Pisces player. You have the power to feel and absorb the unseen energy. The ability to feel sorry for the losing player can sometimes portray you as a weak player.

Tip for Pisces: Try not to be too sensitive during gaming.

Stars do affect certain events of your life, but as stated above, they just affect, and not control, the results. With the right approach, skill and strategy, you can get the result of a rummy game in your favor.

Likewise, your performance at the game table is not dictated by the positioning of your stars. It is defined by your strategies and your playing of cards. Instead of relying on stars, use the powers vested by them in you.

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