Millennial Gamers

Millennial Gamers’ Checklist: Are You One?


Millennials are a tad different from baby boomers and Gen X due to the lifestyle choices they make and the way they use technology in their day-to-day lives.

Not only that, they are also a lot different when it comes to the fun aspect of their lives, for e.g. gaming, reading or taking a trip. In this blog post, we will look at a few things that make millennials the hippest gamers.

Impatient and Ready to Go

As gamers, millennials are restless and require constant mental stimulation. Therefore, they like games that are designed to be fast and offer a sense of rush.

This is why at Junglee Rummy, we ensure that our rummy game is fast enough to give the kind of rush millennials expect and offers enough mental stimulation to make them come back for more.

Back in the day, gamers needed expensive consoles and accessories. Today, however, the ubiquity of smartphones means that most millennials have a powerful gaming device with them at all times.

Love Engaging Gameplay

Nobody likes playing a game that’s only high on graphics but lacks engagement. Millennial gamers are very choosy when it comes to games, as just the best graphics don’t cut it; they need something that’s equally high on the engagement quotient.

There was a time when everyone was going gaga over amazing graphics, but nowadays it’s more the norm than the exception and, therefore, gamers are more inclined towards engagement.

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Rewards and Personal Connect

As games evolved, the need for gaming companies to connect with gamers on a personal level became paramount. There are so many games in the market today that gamers are spoilt for choice.

Therefore, it is very important to ensure that gamers not only enjoy playing the game but are also rewarded. No wonder that most of the games these days offer something or the other to reward gamers.

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