The Road to Victory: One Small Step at a Time Is All It Takes!


No one is a born winner and a million hurdles need to be crossed before the road that leads to victory is unveiled!


If you know someone who has this constant hunger for victory and isn’t afraid to lose, there is a lot that the person can teach you. Similarly, in card games, people who win more than they lose are ones who have spent a significant amount of time studying the game and sharpening their skills and strategies.

Just like it happens in real life, in games too, evolution is what makes you stronger and those who don’t evolve never win!

So what do you need to do to evolve as a player that others can look up to? What is it that can give you that edge over others?

Hunger for Excellence

Hunger for Excellence

Hunger is what drives human excellence! This constant hunger has given rise to some of the best athletes, inventors and artists over the course of human history. Ask yourself what it is that you look up to in your idol.

What is it that makes that person stand apart when there are literally millions of others trying to do the exact same thing?

The answer is their hunger for excellence. Right?

Unless you really want to achieve something, you won’t really go far to achieve it. In any kind of game, it’s important to have that hunger to drive you forward.

Rummy isn’t just a game – it’s been a part of our culture and is more or less ingrained in our way of life. And if you are failing to win at least as many games as you are losing lately, you need to look within you and find that hunger to go all out to win!

The Eagle Eye

The Eagle Eye

When we talk about paying attention to the game, it’s important to develop what we call the the eagle eye and for that, you need to spend more time at practice tables. The ones we call veterans of the game have already developed this special skill.

It’s a skill that will help you read the cards your opponents have and respond appropriately in the blink of an eye. The more time you spend deliberating on which cards to pick and which ones to drop, the more your opponents can guess your cards correctly, but once you have that razor-sharp eye focused on the game, you deprive your opponents of that power.

So go out there and practice till you have developed that eagle eye and then head back to the tables. You will know what a trained eye can bring to the table!

You Are Your Own Master

You Are Your Own Master

This is the last point but probably the most important. No matter what anyone tells you, always remember that you are your own master and you need to develop your own skill set and your own strategy.

However, you can only develop those if you practice regularly and it comes with time. Don’t let a few shortcomings stop you from unveiling your own road to victory.

Keep walking the path, keep playing hard and you shall conquer!  

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