Things to Watch Out while Playing High Stakes Rummy


Hitting the high stakes rummy tables is not a joke! The entry fees to join high stakes rummy are so high that you really need to play as a professional. If you play your cards right, you could win thousands but if you miss out on one single step, you could lose a fortune.

high stakes rummy

However, if you are confident of your skills, you should go ahead and play like a high roller. Here are some of the things that you must watch out while playing high stakes rummy:

When to Drop: Knowing when to drop is probably the foremost strategy while playing high stakes rummy. If the cards are not dealt right, go for first drop; you will lose with only 20 points. If your opponent picks a lot of cards from the Open deck, there is possibility that your opponent could be closer to winning the game. In such scenario, if the total points of your hand exceed 40 points, you should go for middle drop.

Calculate Your Points: Always keep a track of the total points of your hand cards. Unlike low-entry games, a game can finish any moment. Thus, you need to be prepared for loss anytime and keep a minimum score. Each point could cost a lot and the best strategy would be to keep them as low as possible.

Bankroll Management: Do not play high stakes rummy to recover losses. Plan a fixed loss amount and if you cross it, stop playing high stakes rummy. Always play rummy for fun and if you lose a lot of amount, play low stakes games instead. Once you gain confidence, gradually move to higher limit tables.

Follow these advices before hitting the high stakes rummy tables. Play like a professional and above all, play for fun! To learn more such strategies at, visit this page:

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