What Gaming Does to Your Brain

This Is What Gaming Does to Your Brain in an Hour!


Every time someone asks you not to play games because it eats away at your productivity, it’s time to present facts.

The brain can be affected by just 1 hour of playing video games, according to new research published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.

One of the things that researchers found during the research was that if a person indulges in gaming for even just an hour every day, it has a tremendous effect on how their brain functions.

Researchers found changes in the brain activity resulting in increased performance and focus.

So, people who play games are in general more focused and productive!

Not long ago, gaming was frowned upon by people who didn’t play games at all or were distracted by someone who was into gaming.

Gaming impacts Brain

However, the research shows that people who are into gaming are generally smarter. So, kudos to you all who stood headstrong when someone asked you to stop your game midway and do something else instead.

Just show them the research – you can now present a valid, fact-based argument on why gaming is good for you.

The research shows that only after an hour of gaming, the participants had improved visual selective attention due to increased brain activity.

So, it’s great news for people who love gaming and can’t seem to get enough of it.

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