Intelligent Rummy player

5 Tips to Become an Intelligent Rummy Player


Have you ever watched a magic show? Isn’t it exciting to see the magician perform certain magic tricks? One popular trick is when they call someone from the audience and ask them to pick a card from a card deck, without telling the magician which one they picked. The card picked is then shown to the audience, placed back into the deck and the deck is reshuffled. Then the magician whispers a spell and voila! He manages to pick the same card from the deck that was previously picked by the audience member! Quite a basic trick but powerful enough to make you wonder, “how did he do that?” 

Now think of magic tricks as online rummy and players as the magician. If we talk about the magician, he pulled a trick and confused everyone in the audience. Similarly, when you play rummy online, you need to have skills to outplay your opponents at the table. 

Rummy was already a well-known card game in India. In recent years, however, the craze for this game has boomed due to the various opportunities that it offers to win real cash in prizes. Many players try their hand at cash rummy to take home big winnings. However, success in rummy games is not a one-day feat. You need a lot of practice, patience and intelligence to make the right move. Here are 5 tips to help you become an intelligent rummy player:

  1. Analyze the cards in your hand

Rummy is a tricky business and it requires players to have a presence of mind. One way to go about it is to understand the rummy hand analysis. You never know the kind of cards you are to get. So when the cards are dealt, analyze your odds of winning the game. Identify the time required to create the required combinations of sequences, or sequences and sets. 

The knowledge of hand analysis gives you an edge over your competitors. In case you get a bad hand, you should consider dropping out of the game before it is too late. However, it is advisable to play for a few turns as you may get the desired cards while drawing and discarding.

  1. Identify the beginner

When you play rummy online, you are pitted against players with different skill levels. If you want to get an upper hand in your game, identify the beginner at the table. Monitor the moves played by each player. If they pick unwanted cards or discard the ones required by other players, they are probably a beginner at the game. 

When you identify such a player or such players, you can play smartly and confuse them in different ways to gain upper hand over them. To acquire this skill, you must play free practice games and watch every move of your opponents.

  1. Find out which cards to discard

When you play rummy, identify the type of cards you want to keep and the ones you want to discard during the game. Ensure that the cards discarded by you are of least importance to you as well as to your competitors. 

For example, your opponent draws a high-value card from the open pile. During such a time, do not throw any connecting cards as it may improve their chances of winning. Here, decision making plays an important role and you must work on mastering this skill right away. 

  1. Concentrate on the game

The rummy card game requires a lot of focus and concentration. If you miss a move made by your opponent, you may end up giving away the cards required by them. Moreover, if you lose your focus, it is impossible to plan and strategize during the game. 

There are only a few seconds that you get to play your move, and you might discard the wrong card in the process. So it is important to block out everything that causes any distraction during the game.

  1. Confuse your opponents

An intelligent player knows how to make the right move and leave his opponents confused during the game. The idea of conceptualizing and strategizing during the game helps you hoodwink other players on the table. 

Suppose you want to form a set of queens and you have Q♥ and Q♠ in your hand. If you have K♣ or J♣, you can discard that card to trick your opponents. This trick can lead them to discard Q♣ and you can pick that up from the open deck to complete your set: Q♥-Q♠-Q♣. 

Online rummy is entertaining but it requires a lot of practice for you to gain control of your game. To become an expert, you should play a lot of practice games to improve your skills. Junglee Rummy offers unlimited access to free practice games across the platform. Download the app now and get a welcome bonus up to ₹5250 on making your first deposit.

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