Identify RUmmy opponent

5 Tips to Identify Your Opponents’ Skill Level


Have you ever played chess? If yes, do you ever find yourself in check traps? In that case, you better be a skilled player to escape your king. Otherwise, be prepared for a checkmate! Just like chess, online rummy is a skill game that requires players to undergo a lot of practice to become an expert at it. In recent years, it has become more competitive as the game offers amazing opportunities to win real money in prizes. So if you play rummy for cash, you must be well-equipped with game rules and strategies to take home big winnings. 

Unlike other skill games, rummy is challenging and players have to amp up their game to give a tough fight. Given its fast-paced nature, even expert players sometimes get tricked by their opponents and end up making the wrong decisions. To say the least, never take your opponents for granted. It is important to recognize the skill level of your opponents and plan your game accordingly. Here are 5 tips to help you identify the expertise of your opponents:

Discarding the right cards

Players with years of experience in rummy games deploy multiple strategies to succeed. One such strategy is keeping an eye on their opponents. When such players play rummy, they keenly observe everyones’ moves and plan their moves accordingly. They try to identify the possible combinations that their opponents are aiming for on the basis of the cards discarded by them. While playing, expert players also use a reverse-discard strategy that tricks opponents into throwing a card required by them. 

Dropping the game if necessary

Online rummy offers a fair opportunity at winning the game. Many top providers like Junglee Rummy incorporate RNG systems for random dealing, shuffling and seating arrangement. That means no two games can ever be the same. Sometimes, you may not get dealt any desirable cards and end up with a bad hand. A bad hand indicates that a player does not have the cards required to create any valid combinations even after playing a few turns. Instead of playing with weak cards, expert players tend to drop at the initial stages of the game to keep their margin of loss to a minimum. 

Cashing in on high-value cards

One of the best strategies to ace a rummy game is to discard high-value cards. Be it an expert or a beginner, every player uses this strategy to reduce the overall score and eliminate their chances of losing by a big margin. However, some players tend to throw away high cards in the first few rounds of the game. It is quite natural to follow this strategy and get rid of high cards at the beginning. On the other hand, expert players do not deploy this strategy right away. They play for a couple of rounds and gauge the probability of creating a combination using high cards. 

Capitalizing on opponents’ mistakes

You can also identify the skill level of your opponent by observing their mistakes while playing a game. It can be discarding a high card or picking cards in a certain pattern or drawing cards from the open pile. If you notice such mistakes during a game, you can easily capitalize on their mistakes and tweak your game plan accordingly.

Using the joker the right way

Joker is the most significant card in a game of rummy. It is used as a replacement for any missing card in a sequence or a set. The card carries zero points and it can be used to reduce the overall score of the game. However, some players, especially beginners, do not know how to use this trump card. They end up discarding the card that could have been used to create the required combinations quickly. 

If your opponent discards jokers, there may be two possibilities. Firstly, the player is new to the game and has no knowledge of the importance of jokers. Secondly, the player is about to complete the combination. If it’s the second case, make sure to memorize the cards discarded by your opponents in the previous rounds. You can use this information and ensure that you do not give away the cards required by your opponent.

Players with good analytical skills can work even with a difficult hand and give a tough fight to their opponents. However, the ones who can identify their opponents’ skill level have a high probability of winning the game. So when you play rummy online, don’t forget to check for the signs we’ve mentioned above! Don’t worry if you are new to the game. You can make use of the unlimited practice games available on Junglee Rummy and work on improving your gaming skills. Invite your friends to play online rummy for real money and get ₹1000 for every successful referral. Happy gaming!

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