Top 3 Classical Indian Rummy Tips


As you all know at Junglee Rummy portal, we have millions of players playing rummy every day. There are players who join to learn rummy and there are players who play for fun and there are serious players who play for serious cash! We make our platform simple and trouble free to cater to the needs of the diverse player base. The newly joined players who play at Junglee Rummy usually visits the tutorial section and learn the basic rules of the game and learn more from the practice tables. As rummy is a game of skill, the game can be perfected only by spending more time playing with diverse opponents

classical Indian Rummy Tips

As Junglee Rummy we have a very diverse user base, the players can polish their skills and become the next professional rummy player. In the classic Indian rummy game, there is a huge scope of implementing strategies. There are rummy strategies and tips that can used while playing rummy.

Classical Indian Rummy Tips

#1 When it comes to the 13 card rummy variant popularly known as Indian Rummy, you are dealt with 13 cards each. You are supposed to make sets and sequences with the cards you are dealt with. You should draw a card from the open deck or closed deck and discard a card to the closed deck. While playing online, you can always take a peek into the cards that are discarded by the opponents by using the discards section. If you closely monitor the cards that are being discarded, they you can have an idea on what are cards that are possessed by your opponents

#2 Another classical Indian rummy tip is to discard the high value cards and the cards that are closer to the joker first. Even if you have a fairly good hand, the first thing that you should do is to discard the high value cards. These cards add to the points and it is always good to discard the burden of high value in the first moves. Similarly the cards that are closer to the joker should also be discarded first as those cards are highly unlikely to meld.

#3 As discussed earlier, you can implement certain strategies in the game of rummy. One such method is known as bluffing. You can bluff in rummy by reversing the trick. If you have a very weak hand, you can bluff by discarding the low value cards first and picking up cards from the open deck. This will give your opponent that you are holding really hand. This may force him to fold his/her hand.

These are some of the basic rummy tips and strategies. Do check out our classical rummy strategies where you can see the advanced methods and strategies that will help you win the game of rummy.

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