Card Games with standard 52 card deck

Top 5 Card Games You Can Play Using a Standard Card Deck


It’s about time to thank the creator of playing cards. Even though the origin of playing cards is obscure, we are forever grateful for this wonderful creation. They are pocket-sized, affordable and never fail to entertain us. If you are bored and have nothing to do, card games can keep you engaged for hours at a time.

In India, playing cards are deeply rooted in our culture. Most of us grew up playing card games, often during festivals, summer holidays and even after dinner every day. So if you are an expert at card games, we won’t be surprised. 

Having evolved over centuries,  a standard card deck consists of a total of 52 cards with 4 suits. The Joker is often added as an extra wild card but is not part of a standard deck. There are lots of best card games played using a standard card deck. They range from simple to complex games. Check out our top 5 picks below:


The first game on our list is rummy. Also known as paplu in India, It is one of the most popular card games played using a standard card deck. This game has been with us for centuries and its craze continues in the form of online rummy today. 

Rummy is a skill game that is easy to learn but needs skills to play well. It is available in different variations all around the world. In India, we have our own version called Indian rummy or 13-card rummy. As the name suggests, this game is played with 13 cards and each player has to arrange cards in sequences, or sequences and sets. The player who finishes grouping their cards first and makes a valid declaration wins the game.

Rummy is a draw-and-discard game that tests your analytical and logical reasoning skills. If you have the skills and knowledge, you can play rummy online and win amazing cash prizes. Junglee Rummy is a popular platform to play rummy games online. A wide variety of games, including free and cash games and tournaments, are available on the platform. If you are new to the game, you can play an unlimited number of free practice games to perfect your skills before trying your hand at cash games and tournaments. You can download this certified and trusted rummy app to play cash games and tournaments and win incredible cash prizes.

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Call Break

If you have ever been to Nepal, you might have seen people playing card games on the street. One of the games they play regularly is call break, which is quite popular in South Asian countries. This game is also played in many Indian states.

Call break is a variation of the game of spades. Also known as lakdi in Nepal, this game is played by 4 players. Each player is dealt 13 cards and the game lasts for 5 rounds. The objective of this trick-taking game is to win as many tricks/hands as possible or at least the least number of tricks bid at the beginning of the game. The player with the highest score at the end of the fifth round wins the game. 

In call break, Spades is the trump suit. The cards ranked from highest to lowest are as follows: 

A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2.


Hearts is a popular trick-taking game played using a standard card deck. The objective of this game is to secure the lowest number of tricks and score no points. This game is usually played by 4 players. It is also called a game of evasion.

The cards of the Hearts suit are worth one point each and there is a special card, the queen of Spades, which is worth 13 points. When the game begins, a player has to select 3 cards and pass them over to one of the opponents. Usually bad or weak cards are passed over to the next player to get rid of them.

In this game, players often lead with low-value spades and get rid of the queen of Spades. When a player scores 100 or more points, the game ends and the person with the lowest score wins.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti means three cards. The game has been derived from the British card game called three-card brag. It is a variation of poker that has become very popular in the last few years. The game involves wagering based on players’ hands. 

Teen Patti is played by 3 to 6 players and each player is dealt 3 cards. The players have to wager on the best hand in the game. Players can play as blind or seen players. At the beginning of the game, players have to put their stakes in a pot and the winner takes away the whole prize pool.

The ranking of hands from highest to lowest is as follows:

Trio or trail, straight run, normal run, color/flush, pair and high card.


Also known as teen-do-panch, this card game is popularly played in India, Nepal and Pakistan. It is an easy card game usually played by children. It can be played using a standard card deck, but only 30 cards are required for playing the game. 

That game of 3-2-5 is unique and involves 3 players. Cards are dealt counterclockwise. As 30 cards are used for playing the game, cards from 2 to 6 and two 7s are removed. The other two 7s, i.e. 7♥ and 7♠️, are included in the game. 

The objective of the game is to win a certain number of tricks. The dealer must win at least 2 deals in the game. The player to the right of the dealer should win at least 5 tricks and the last player should win at least 3 tricks.

A variety of interesting card games can be played with a standard deck of cards. Rummy is the most popular among them all in India. The online version of the game is packed with a healthy dose of productive entertainment. If you are planning to play rummy on New Year’s Eve, you should try playing on Junglee Rummy. The platform is trusted by over 25 million players and holds lots of exciting tournaments, especially on special occasions like New Year’s Eve, in which you can win incredibly big cash prizes. Download the rummy app right now and celebrate 2021 in style. Happy gaming!

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