The Top 6 Challenges of Online Indian Rummy


Online Indian RummyOnline Indian rummy is a game of skill and sometimes it becomes a challenging game both to the website admin and the player. There are several reasons for this. As a player, when you level up from rookie to a professional player, you will get more enthusiastic in playing on bigger, better cash games other than going for games with small winning amount. As a normal rummy player, this at first becomes challenging if the seats are already filled or if there is an entry fee to get a seat.

Challenges Faced by Online Indian Rummy Players

We have sorted out the challenges that you might face if you play online  rummy usually. Some of them are:

  1. Selection of Website
  2. Arrangement of Cards
  3. Selection of Rummy Game Types
  4. Connectivity Issues
  5. Involvement in Games
  6. Playing Responsibly

Selection of website might be the hardest thing a rummy player can face as it makes him stick to a particular website even though he likes the website or not. It happens because he might have deposited cash and he just want to leave the website once the deposits gets over. But nowadays as websites are providing extra bonuses and cashbacks, it usually becomes a hard task to leave the online Indian rummy website.

Arrangement of cards, now almost very well maintained by the online Indian rummy websites itself because of the “sort” feature they have added. But still some of us are not happy with the way cards are arranged after they are sorted and so we our self have to arrange the cards accordingly.

Selecting an online Indian rummy game type might be the most challenging thing you have ever faced after website selection. With different variants like 13 cards to 21 cards and game types like 101, 201 etc. are enough to make you confused and doubtful whether to play or not. When you set your mind on a particular game variant and game type, you are good to go and earn some cash!

Connectivity issue is a major threat to the any gaming business and online Indian rummy is no different. If you have a network problem or if the website is facing any server error, you will be facing this for sure. So, make sure your internet is working pretty well before you start any rummy game.

Indian rummy can be addictive especially when you are playing for cash. So, its better you keep a time schedule for the game section so that you control your addiction and flow of cash if you lose. So, get involved in the game but don’t get addicted to it.

Responsible gaming and getting involved relates a lot. Indian rummy can make you bankrupt if you play on high stakes without having proper skills for the same. So, it is advisable to first play on practice tables and free rolls before you hit the cash tables in Indian rummy.

We know you might have experienced any of the above written challenges. If there are any other challenges you faced while playing online Indian rummy let us know in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to take part in our special Independence Day promotion Grand Freedom Tourney which is scheduled to begin tomorrow. Book your seats now!

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