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From a Traditional Game to a Social Game: How Rummy Won Legal and Social Recognition


Rummy is an excellent pastime whenever you need a dose of refreshment. Unlike in the past when people gathered at a common place to play rummy games, today rummy is played online. The digital version of the game has surpassed people’s expectations. But for a very long time, traditional card games like rummy were shrouded in social stigma and were not approved of by moralists. However, with the game gaining popularity among youngsters and professionals, including women, over the years, it is now a favorite social game of everybody.

Rummy traversed the path of disregard till a decade ago to finally getting recognized as a mainstream game. The journey has been intriguing as well as interesting.

1. From No Identity to a Perfectly Legal Game to Play

For several decades, the legal status of rummy was shrouded in ambiguity. However, the Supreme Court, in its landmark ruling in 2015, reiterated that rummy is a game of skill and playing rummy games for stakes involves substantial use of a player’s mental skill in order to win.

As per the Indian judicial system, rummy is absolutely legal to play in India. Avid rummy lovers and aspiring players celebrated the decision, which gives legal recognition to the game, as they can play cash rummy games without any worries about its legality.

2. From a Game of Chance to a Game of Skill

The older generations, with their limited knowledge of the game, always perceived rummy as a game of chance where luck had a substantial role to play. However, with more and more informed and educated people forming the social structure and playing the game, the ingrained negative perception has waned away to a great extent.

With the young brigade including the educated, well-traveled and people well-familiar with global trends forming the majority of online rummy players, the game is now seen, rightly, an absolute test of one’s mental skills. This social change in perception has been a big booster of its growth.

3. From a Club/Family Game to an Online Game

Rummy, which was limited to clubs and family get-togethers and to a close group of people, has emerged as the second-most popular card game in the world after poker. Today online rummy is not just a fad: it is a game where the best and brightest rummy talents from all over the world battle it out to prove their rummy prowess.

With many big and small rummy tournaments running online, you can join the table of your choice and win big too.

4. From a Limited Pot to an Array of Prizes

Earlier people played within their groups and the prize pool amount was relatively small. But online rummy has many lucrative offers and a number of prizes to be won and you are always assured of some promotion running at any given point in time.

Regardless of what time of the day it is or where you are, you can always enjoy rummy promotions and make the most of them.

Rummy: A Perfect Game for the Modern Generation

Easy access to the game, its fast pace and thrilling gameplay, and the added attractions of rewards and prizes have made the game very exciting, vibrant and entertaining for the modern generation.

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