Traits of expert rummy player

5 Traits of an Expert Rummy Player


If you dig into the past, rummy was merely played occasionally for leisure. A group of people, friends or relatives, got together every once in a while and played several rounds of rummy games for fun and entertainment. To add more excitement, some games were played for real money. However, things have taken a turn for this card game today. Now the game can be played online anytime, anywhere. It comes in different formats, including free and cash games and tournaments. Many rummy platforms like Junglee Rummy host a wide range of tournaments where players can win big cash prizes and other exciting rewards like cars, motorbikes and smartphones. 

Online rummy is a skill game that focuses on the player’s skills and provides an equal and fair opportunity to everyone at winning. In order to become a rummy expert, you must have a basic understanding of the game and develop skills to play a difficult hand with ease. Many beginners aspire to become skilled players and achieve mastery in the game. And why not? There are incredible opportunities to win lakhs or even crores of rupees in rummy tournaments. So what does it take to become a master of the rummy game? Read on as we unravel 5 common traits of an expert rummy player. 

Strategic Planning

Want to succeed in the art of playing real cash rummy? It’s time that you start working on your planning and execution. Rummy is a strategic game that requires constant planning right from the beginning of the game until the last minute. Your ability to respond to a difficult hand and your preparedness to execute the right strategy will increase your chances of winning the game. 

Just so you know, strategies vary for each type of hand. Rummy experts plan their moves beforehand and do not hesitate to drop the game if things do not go as planned. Beginners must focus on developing their strategies and play multiple practice games to improve their gaming skills. A good player chooses the right strategy and works his/her way through the game. 

Bankroll Management

Spending beyond your budget is a complete no-no! When we talk about planning, we also refer to bankroll management, which helps any beginner to go a long way. A wise player keeps a track of his/her finances in every game. They do not overspend and definitely do not play to recover their losses. Managing your finances right from the initial stages will help you become a responsible player. Moreover, rummy games only have one winner. So the probability of winning is very less. Thus, we advise you to set a monthly budget while playing rummy online.

Focus and Confidence

Expert rummy players are known for their adept concentration and focus. They never miss a beat and keep a watchful eye on their opponents. For example, they memorize the cards drawn or discarded by their opponents and use this information to play against them. Their confidence in their skills can be seen throughout the game, which makes them even more successful. Even if they get dealt a bad hand, they are confident in the strategy they need to deploy in order to win the game. It is these qualities that define their game and give them an edge over others.

Patience and Perseverance

No matter how good or bad a hand is, expert players never give in to their impulses but instead choose to play with patience. They strike the right move at the opportune time only to leave their opponent seething under defeat. Though in online rummy, there is a time limitation for your moves, your patience to watch your opponents’ play makes all the difference to your game. 

Another important trait of an expert player is perseverance. Even when they lose, such players do not give up on rummy as a whole. They know that it is just a game and it will result in either a win or a loss. They continue playing the game and try their hand at subsequent games.


Expert players never go overboard with their games. They exercise great responsibility in tournaments and competitions by playing only when they can afford to bear the losses in case of any failures. This sense of responsibility exhibits a mature level of playing, which only a true expert can portray.

Well, Rome was not built in a day, was it? Similarly, it takes years of practice and perseverance to become an expert rummy player. If you aspire to become a master of the game, you need to play numerous practice games to improve your skills. Junglee Rummy has an unlimited resource of practice games. You can access these games for free by joining our platform. Download the app now and get an amazing welcome bonus up to ₹5250. Remember that there is no shortcut to success. It may be a long road, but your total commitment will help you become a rummy expert in no time!

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