Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day With Our Rummy Specials

Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day With Our Rummy Specials


This Valentine’s Day, cupids will be playing at the rummy game tables. Rule the heart of your king/queen in style by playing Indian rummy online games at the most loved tables of India. Chocolates, teddies, and flowers have become things of the 90s. Here, you have the chance to give your loved ones the most beautiful gift of love by using your rummy skills.

Reserve Table For Valentine’s Day Here

From 13th February till 17th February, we have great plans for you. Stay tuned to our tables as we will be decoding ways by which you can rule your queen’s heart and celebrate V-Day in style by playing your most loved online card games like rummy.

For some cards are exciting as gifts but some find it too plain to speak for their hearts. To solve this problem, we have a special ‘Gift of Hearts’ bonus. This is new, exciting and would definitely 100% resolve all your love problems.

You must know that playing cards are not just about entertainment. It’s a lot about excitement and passion. Playing cards can be one of the few things which are closely related to love. When we’re excited, we speak our hearts out. This is what ‘Heart Bonus’ will be helping you with. As you start playing online games today, you would find ways to arrange things properly in your life. It will help you to organize things in the required sets and sequences. Trust us, this is going to make your life better and beautiful. 

Make Proper Use Of 1.4 Crore

You must be amazed to see the big amount in the title but things would be lovely once you’ll join the Valentine’s Day Leaderboard Series 2020 and give your love the most amazing present. Don’t look into your wallet or check your card. Take up your phone and play the online rummy games on Junglee Rummy. To add a cherry to the cake 50L prize pool is already reserved for the Valentine’s Day Grand Finale.

So, don’t wait, it’s time to spread some love this Valentine’s Day and live it up by participating in the Junglee Rummy’s Valentine’s Day Leaderboard Series 2020! Our classic Indian rummy leaderboard would definitely bring more happiness and joy in your life this Valentine’s day.

Make Use Of The Special Love Bonus At Junglee Rummy!

We bet you can’t have better plans than this. This is the only place where single, married, engaged or people who are dating would get an equal chance to win love. Reach the tables fast to have a Valentine’s Day filled with lots of love and online rummy games.

Hurry up! This offer runs from 13 – 17 February 2020

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