Is this the Trickiest Rummy Trick Ever!


How many rummy strategies are you aware of? Probably many! But do you know the trickiest rummy trick that is used by a few expert players? If you don’t, you are about to upgrade your game with the secret rummy trick that will help you to trap your opponent and win easily in rummy.

rummy trick

This tricky rummy trick is called as baiting. Learn how to trap your rummy opponent by using a simple bait and confuse them into discarding a card you need. Interested to know? Let’s learn it in detail!

How to Use the Bait?

Analyse your rummy and form the closely connected cards of the same suit into separate groups. For example, if you have a Ten, Jack and King of Spades, form them into a different group. Wait for a few turns and check if the Queen appears in the Open Deck. If not, you can discard the King of Spades to the Open Deck. Now, if your opponent knows that you don’t need the Queen and therefore has no intention of forming a sequence of Ten, Jack and Queen. If you opponent is holding a Queen of Spades, he will discard it. Pick up that Queen and form a pure sequence easily by using this bait.

Isn’t that tricky? Use such baits and fool your opponent into discarding cards that you need. Your opponents will have no idea that you are holding such closely connected cards. These baits can easily get you cards that you need.

Check out the video and learn how to use this canny rummy trick. The video explains with great visuals and stats on the benefits of using baits.

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