The Great Escape Ft. Saurabh Shukla a.k.a Hasmukhlalji – New TVC is Here!


Last week, we released our new TVC titled ‘The Great Escape’, and we got a tremendous response from our fans! The TVC features one of the most talented actors in the film industry – Mr Saurabh Shukla. The Great Escape is about a man who is stressed-out as he is about to undertake a very risky job. The story unfolds as when Junglee Rummy comes to his help and relieves his stress.

The great escape Ft Saurabh Shukla aka Hasmukhlalji

Stress is one common issue that we come across in this period. Everyone is stressed with their jobs and families, but it is important that we need to unwind from the stress and enjoy life at times! This is where games like rummy come to the rescue – Watch how Saurabh Shukla, a.k.a Hasmukhlalji escapes his biggest fear:

The Great Escape – TVC

Hasmukhlalji is a god-fearing family man; somehow he is forced into undertaking an underworld operation of being the ‘transporter’ of diamonds worth millions! All we know is that Hasmukhlalji is super stressed out and he has no way out.

The cruel, cold-blooded ‘Badshah Bhai’ is behind his back! There is no escape for Hasmukhlalji but to smuggle the diamonds for Bhai. He somehow gathers some courage and decides to go for it. But he gets more paranoid as he enters the airport. Hasmukhlalji fears that everyone in the airport including the security officers is noticing him.

However, he manages to take the journey and reach his destination. But fate has not decided to leave Hasmukhlalji alone! He gets over-stressed as his bag containing the diamonds are nowhere to be found in the conveyor belt.

All passengers have collected their baggage except Hasmukhlalji – To add to the tension, Badshah Bhai calls him! Boom – he gets nervous and hangs the phone.

He sits in one of the chairs and stares at his mobile phone and discovers his cure for stress – Junglee Rummy! He realises that it is better to leave everything behind and play rummy!

Baaki chhodo, rummy khelo

Junglee Rummy offers unlimited fun and excitement so that you can escape from your stress. Rummy is a game which is known to be a popular stress buster, there are millions of active users playing Junglee Rummy, and you can easily find opponents 24×7! Escape hurdles of daily life with Junglee Rummy – Download free rummy game and play rummy on the go – Play and unwind 24×7!

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