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Types of Gamers You Will Meet at Online Rummy Tables


Online rummy games are immensely popular. Over the years, the number of players playing different variants of rummy online has increased exponentially. When you start playing at online tables, you don’t have the option to choose the player you want to compete with. As all the players are randomly paired according to their skill levels, it is interesting to see different types of players that you play with daily.

We have curated a list of various types of rummy personalities that you must have played with at least once. Read on and share in the comments below your favorite online rummy personality and your experience with them.

#1 The Amateurs

At least once in our gaming journey, we have come across players who are new to the tables. They lack the finesse of the seasoned players, which is evident from their moves. You will see them playing by the rule book, taking a lot of time to pick/discard cards and almost all their mistakes are expected. These traits may differ from player to player but if you’re a seasoned online rummy player, it won’t be hard for you to know when you come across one.

#2 The Aggressive

You must have seen some players who are pretty quick with their decisions while playing at the tables. Their fast-paced moves are backed by quick-thinking skills and aggressive play. You will see such players making some silly mistakes due to their lack of patience. Also, you won’t often come across aggressive rummy personalities at 6-player tables, as it is very difficult for them to wait for their turn at such tables. To get an edge over such players, you must analyze their strategy and make better moves.

#3 The Risk Averters

You must have seen a lot of players leave the table as soon as cards are dealt. These are players who keep a strict watch on overall points. These players have a unique category and share personalities of both armature and expert players. You will see them calculating their odds of winnings and leave games when they see the cards aren’t in their favor. They don’t hesitate to hit the “Drop” button if they know they’re very unlikely to win. Such players have a great probability of winning because of their advanced risk-calculating skills. You must be extra-cautious while playing against such players.

#4 The Slow Pokes

You must be very patient if you’re playing with a player with a slow poke personality. They have great knowledge and experience but still wait till the last moment to make their moves. Your patience will be tested during the game but stay tight. Play and revise your strategies while they annoy you with long pauses. Calculate the points and the possible moves to be well prepared for every situation. Such players might get on your nerves if you find them at one of those 6-player tables.

#5 The Smart Players

You will enjoy playing with such players. They know the game, rules, and how to bluff! Yes, they know how to bluff and trick you into doing something stupid. They might come across as armatures but they have the power to turn the game in their favor anytime. You must be very wise, observant, and conscious while playing with them. Don’t fall for their casual approach as it is often a trap. Use your best mind and strategize to win the game as early as possible. Pay attention to the cards they pick and drop and keep your game strong against such smart rummy personalities.

We hope you have the best gaming experience and this blog helps you to understand the psychology and personality of your opponents. Share your experience with these personalities in the comments below. Looking forward to great stories. Until then, keep enjoying online rummy games at your favorite Junglee Rummy tables. 

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Happy gaming!

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