Types of Online Rummy Players

The number of players enjoying online rummy in India is rising day by day. With the number of players on a rise, we can expect to see multiple types of players playing in these best online rummy sites in India. The types of players can be categorized according to their playing style, their behaviour on the tables and also the amount they pay as entry fees. So, check out the types of players you may sit with while playing on rummy sites in India.

online rummy types of players

Passive and Aggressive

Passive players of online rummy are more of a peace loving and laid back bunch of players who play just to get relaxed. On the other hand, we may meet aggressive players who take minimum time in making their moves so as to pressure their opponents. While both of these players have different game plan and strategies, we recommend having a balance on both these traits to become an experienced pro player. You can try out a laid back strategy in one round and when you are in a winning gear, you can go for an aggressive approach to win the game.

Cunning and Smart Play

There is a very little difference between being cunning like a fox and being smart as a crow! You will see both kinds of players while playing real money games and there is little or no difference between them. The cunning players will try to read your mind by having a talk in the chat window while the smart players look for hints in the discard section. While the chat window is not active in many Indian rummy sites while playing cash games, cunning players are on a disadvantage here. So, we recommend you to do some homework on discards window and play according to the cards discarded by your opponents.

Timid vs Daring Player

Rummy is a game in which the winning and losing depends a lot on the 13 cards you get. If it’s too risky to play or carry forward, most experts of the game recommend dropping out of the game. But there are players who love to take risks and when it comes to real money games, there risks are well worth it if the player has already lost some rounds. If you are in a lead, make sure you don’t lose anymore points by taking unnecessary risks. Be humble at times and play according to your cards to make it a good game for yourself.

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