Rummy Probability

How to Use Probability to Gain Advantage in Online Rummy Games


It’s a well known fact that there exists a huge community of math haters across the world. Many of us dislike solving even a simple math problem and detest complicated ones. But did you know that a person who happens to be good with numbers performs fairly well in a rummy game online. Surprised? Don’t be! 

In rummy, basic mathematical skills such as probability are quite useful for the players. Even beginners who are good with probability tend to grasp the game very quickly. These skills make it easier for players to understand advanced concepts and strategies. No wonder that after playing only a few practice games, players with good probability skills play rummy online for real money and tend to take on challenging contests with ease.

If you love solving probability equations, this is your time to shine! Read on to find out how you can use probability to your advantage while playing online rummy games.

  1. Estimating the number of jokers in a game

We can find out the number of jokers in a game by the number of players playing and the number of card decks used. But what if we tell you that you can also identify the exact number of jokers using probability? Suppose you have 2 jokers and there are a total of 10 jokers used in the game. With basic math calculation, you can assume that 8 jokers are with the other players. But if you keep a close eye on your opponent’s cards and the discard pile, you can find the exact number of jokers with them. 

  1. Forming combinations

Probability can be used to find out your chances of creating a valid combination successfully. Suppose you have 3♥ and 5♥ in your hand. If you pick a wild joker, a printed joker or 4♥, you can easily form a sequence by combining these cards. That said, you have multiple chances to pick the required card and discarding these cards will not be a smart move. Here probability can help you make an informed decision.

  1. Odd and even cards

The odd-even concept is very popular with math lovers. If you have even-numbered cards, your opponents are likely to have odd-numbered cards, or vice versa. You can also identify the cards with the help of the discard pile.

  1. Keep an eye on the discard pile

When the game is reaching toward the end, it becomes less tedious for players to use probability concepts. If you keep a close eye on the open deck and memorize the cards discarded by you and your opponents, you could try guessing your opponents’ cards. For example, if your opponent discards 9♠, you should try not to discard any connecting card such as 6♠, 7♠, 8♠, 10♠ and J♠ or a 9 of another suit, if you have these cards.

  1. Color coding

The color of cards can also help you figure out the cards with your opponents. If you have multiple black cards, you can assume that your competitors are likely to have red cards, besides the ones in the closed deck.

  1. Knowing the cards well

If you have a good understanding of playing cards, you can use it to calculate the number of jokers or other cards with your opponents. If you are at a 2-player table, the number of card decks used is only one, which contains 52 cards, including 4 wild jokers, and 1 printed joker. Both the players get 13 cards each, leaving 27 cards in the closed deck. Moreover, cards are divided into 4 suits with 13 cards in each suit. So if you have 3 cards of spades, you can safely assume that the remaining spade cards are either with your opponent or in the closed deck.

We know that not everyone likes probability. But if you know its basics, you can utilize them while playing your next rummy game online. You can plan and strategize better and even perform outstandingly in your upcoming game or tournament. 

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