Want to Be a Great Rummy Player? Here Are a few Things You Need to Stop Doing Right Now!


Becoming a great rummy player requires a lot of practice, persistence and patience in the game.

If you have ever gone head to head with seasoned players, you might have wondered what makes them so successful and how they are able to maintain their standing in the league of extraordinary players.

You often get to read a lot of tips and tricks on how to master the game of rummy. However, seldom do you read about the things that might be affecting your game—the things you need to avoid doing in your next game.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss a few things you need to stop doing right now if you want to become a great rummy player.

Stop Being Reckless

You need to be very careful right from the beginning of the game. Organizing your cards properly, strategizing and executing your strategy are key to winning a game of rummy.

Remember that patience is your most powerful weapon here, as keeping a cool head will go a long way in helping you easily adjust to the changing situations in a game.

Most of all, you need to be extra careful when declaring your hand. Before declaring your hand, ensure that your combinations are valid and in place.

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Play Another Day

There will be days when you will win games after games endlessly. However, you will at times face challenges and might end up losing. You need to be a smart player and stop playing on such a bad day. Seasoned rummy players give themselves a break when they play rummy for cash and lose game after game rather than investing more money in a game they are bound to lose.

You need to stop being adamant when you realize that it’s not your day and take a break — come back to the tables at a later time with a fresh mind.

Remember a relaxed mind is better at making wise decisions than a puzzled mind that’s just rushing.

Play Smart No Matter What

Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Aces are high-value cards, worth 10 points each. And, so are cards numbered 10. Retain these cards only if they help you form a pure sequence.

It’s best to discard high-value cards in the beginning of a game if they are not very helpful.

Seasoned rummy players are always smart with their moves, and if you want to get included in that category, you need to be smart as well.

Playing rummy like a pro requires a person to be smart, patient and analytical in his approach, without which you might lose a game just because of being in a rush to go all in.

Next time you are at the table, keep these tips in mind, and with time, you too will be in the league of extraordinary players.

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