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From being an occasional card game to becoming our go-to source of entertainment, rummy has had a very interesting journey. The game has traveled to almost every corner of the world. When it finally reached India, we tweaked the original game and came up with our own exciting version called Indian Rummy

Today we have online versions of the game that are dominating the skill-gaming industry. There are a lot of providers of online rummy games that come and go every year. Only a handful of them survive the competition and one such platform is Junglee Rummy. 

There are a lot of players who participate and win prizes on a regular basis on Junglee Rummy. Be it 2-player cash games, 6-player cash games or big tournaments, these players bring their A game to the tables and play for coveted prizes. Today we are going to share with you the success story of Ketan Makwana. If you are a regular player on the platform, you might be familiar with his name. 

The Story of Ketan Makwana

A humble person with humble beginnings can also carve their way to victory. This was once again proved by Ketan, an IT engineer from Ahmedabad. He started his journey on Junglee Rummy in 2016. Being new to the game, Ketan started with free games. After improving his gaming skills, he was confident of taking on any opponent in cash games and tournaments to win cash prizes. So he started playing cash games and tournaments on the app. In 2019, he joined his first online rummy tournament, the Junglee Champions Cup II. It was a challenging and exciting tournament for rummy enthusiasts as the winner would get a Royal Enfield Bullet 350 CC. 

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A large number of rummy enthusiasts participated in the tournament and battled for the coveted prize. Ketan won the tournament and took home the coveted prize. This was his first major achievement on Junglee Rummy.

Play like Ketan to Win like Ketan

Elated with his success and the superfast delivery of his bullet motorbike, Ketan decided to practice more to win bigger prizes. In the following year, Ketan took home a brand-new Hyundai i20 car after winning the Player of the Series contest in The Grand Rummy Playground 2 tournament.

Ketan participated in the tournament and played the highest number of cash games. His skills and strategies helped him bag a huge prize. Being a loyal player on the platform, he earned loyalty points and used them to his advantage. He shares his experience with Dhwani Gautam, a famous Gujarati filmmaker, in the following video:

After two major wins, Ketan has become one of the rummy heroes on Junglee Rummy. He is a master of online rummy and knows how to handle a weak hand too. Speaking of his favorite features of Junglee Rummy, he is most impressed with the customer support, which is efficient and resolves all player queries and issues quickly. He is also impressed by the overall design of the game, which helps a new player understand the game controls easily. The superfast withdrawal service on the platform makes Junglee Rummy the perfect online rummy app for him. 

Watch this video and learn some rummy tips from the rummy star himself:

So that was Junglee superstar Ketan’s story. Just like him, there are a lot of other successful players too on our platform. In no time, you can be one of them!

Junglee Rummy is The most trusted online rummy platform with over 25 million users. The platform holds a large number of big tournaments round the year, where the prizes go up to crores of rupees. You can play free and cash games and tournaments with real players at any hour of the day. You can challenge and play with some of the best players in the country. This will help you become a highly successful player on the platform.

If you want to experience the ecstatic world of rummy, try playing on Junglee Rummy, the best online rummy platform. Download the Junglee Rummy app right now to enjoy the most thrilling rummy games and tournaments and take home huge cash prizes and other attractive prizes like cars, motorbikes, iPhones, tablets and Macbooks. 

Happy gaming!

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