Ways to celebrate New Year at home

5 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Home


Oozing champagnes, crazy dances, over-priced dinners and the countdown to New Year’s Day! That time of year has finally come! 2020 has been an unprecedented year that will be remembered for a very, very long time. With  the year coming to an end, you might be aggressively planning New Year celebrations. But don’t get too excited as the social distancing norms are still in place. Mass gatherings are prohibited across the globe and New Year’s Eve is no exception. If you are planning to go out, you have to vigilantly follow safety practices like wearing a mask and sanitizing your hands etc. frequently. This may hold you back from enjoying the celebrations. Nevertheless, you can still celebrate in the comfort of your home. There are many creative ways to bid adieu to 2020 and here are our top 5 picks to welcome the new year in style.

Host a Card Party

Card games on New Year’s Eve sounds like a plan. Card games have been entertaining us for centuries now. Many card games like rummy are immensely popular and deeply rooted in our culture. Millions of people play rummy during festivals, weddings, kitty parties as well as in daily life. It is an inexpensive way to enjoy New Year’s Eve. All you need is a deck of cards or a rummy app on your smartphone and you are sorted. Online rummy platforms like Junglee Rummy host amazing cash games and tournaments, including special-occasion tournaments with whopping big cash prizes. You can download the app to play 13 card games and win exciting cash prizes. There are other perks too like a welcome bonus and the “Refer a Friend” program where you get extra cash bonuses for free by inviting your friends to Junglee Rummy. Now that’s a great way to kick-start 2021, isn’t it?

Cook Special Dinner

Stay home and save on those pricey dinners at fancy restaurants. Going out on New Year’s Eve may cost you a fortune and the restaurants are more crowded than ever. That will keep you from spending quality time with your family and friends. Instead, you can enjoy a home-cooked meal in an intimate setting without any outside interferences. 

So what could be your menu for New Year’s Eve? For starters, a platter full of appetizers, snacks, side dishes and a delicious meal for the main course! Also throw in some cocktails and mocktails to raise a toast to 2021. The best way to go about it is to follow a theme for each type of meal course. How about Chinese for starters, Mexican or Italian for side dishes and Indian for the main course? Or you can surprise your loved ones with their favorite dishes. Just make sure not to reveal the surprise till the end. 

But if you are not a good chef, you can always choose to order food online.

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Binge-watch Your Favorite Movies

Another way to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home is by watching your favorite movies. Many TV channels premiere the latest movies and OTT platforms offer special releases during festive seasons. So get some popcorn and watch your favorite movies. You can also host a virtual movie night and have fun watching movies with your friends and family. Don’t forget to time the movie correctly and tune in to the new year’s countdown!

Write Resolutions

Writing resolutions alone is too common but writing them with your loved ones can be quite fun. If you are hosting new year celebrations, you can include this activity to add to the fun element of the party. Provide a sheet of paper and a pen to everyone at the party and ask them to write their resolutions for 2021. You can also ask them to write kind words for everybody present at the party. Then you can ask everyone to read their resolutions aloud or the kind words they have written for each other. So whether you resolve to take up driving lessons or to join the gym, make sure to stick to your resolutions in 2021.

Host a Dress-up Party

Why go out when you can have fun at home? A dress-up party is a great way to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Select a dress code or fix a theme for your party! It could be angels and devils, kings and queens and much more. Nowadays, there are many party props available in the market. Keep these props handy and have a fun photo session on New Year’s Eve!

We hope this article helps you with your New Year celebrations. If you are planning to host a card party, don’t forget to download the Junglee Rummy app for unlimited fun and galore. Download the rummy app now to get an attractive welcome bonus and many more exclusive offers.

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