Ways to Make Your Partner Let You Play Rummy Online

3 Ways to Make Your Partner Let You Play Rummy Online


After an exhaustive day at work, everyone looks for some entertainment. While some people prefer watching television, others find joy in playing online games. Some popular games like online rummy have become a popular means of entertainment. This classic game has been with us for centuries and continues to be the favorite choice of millions of card game lovers in the country. It is packed with a healthy dose of entertainment and offers players a lot of wonderful opportunities to win real cash prizes. A huge number of Indians play rummy online every day and keep themselves engaged for several hours at a stretch. 

Rummy games are fun and can help you unwind amid the chaos of life. However, what if you are in a relationship? Does your partner approve of your choice of entertainment? Can you engage in an endless spree of rummy games? For a lot of people, the answer might be no. Your partner might ask for  more attention from you. If you want to play rummy and make your partner happy simultaneously, we have a solution for you. Here are 3 creative ways to make your partner let you play rummy without any interruption. 

Invite your partner to play with you

You can convince your partner to join you in a game of rummy by telling them the benefits of playing the game. You can invite them to play rummy online on the same platform and teach them how to play the game if they don’t already know that. With some practice, you both can become a rummy lover couple. You can share your winning strategies, as well as lessons learned from losses, with each other. With this common interest, you both can spend some quality time together. This can be a win-win situation for both of you. Moreover, you can make use of the Refer & Earn program, which allows you to invite someone to play rummy on the Junglee Rummy app and earn up to ₹1500 for every successful referral. This money can be used to play cash games at your favorite tables.

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Share your winnings with your partner

If you know how to play rummy, you can use your skills to win unlimited cash prizes and other rewards. Many online rummy providers like Junglee Rummy host exciting cash games and tournaments with attractive cash prizes. You can register on the platform and use bonus codes or avail offers to join cash tables/tournaments. In cash games, you need to bring your best game to the table and beat some of the best players in the country. After winning a game, you can safely withdraw and transfer the winnings to your bank account. You can make your partner happy by sharing your winnings with them.  

Gift your rewards to your partner

The best thing about rummy tournaments is that they have whopping big cash prizes as well as other attractive rewards like cars, motorbikes, iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks. Junglee Rummy regularly hosts some of India’s biggest online rummy tournaments, where prizes are lakhs and crores of rupees. For example, Ketan Makwana, one of our rummy stars, won a Bullet motorbike and an i20 car in two of our flagship tournaments. If you too want to win a car or a motorbike, keep checking out our tournaments section and join some tournaments. You too can win such attractive prizes by using your skills!

Now that you have three solid reasons to play rummy online, simply download the app onto your smartphone and also invite your partner to play the game. It is a great way to bond, have fun, make memories and above all win big prizes. If you know how to play rummy well, you can win tournaments and shower your partner with great gifts after every victory! 

So don’t wait anymore! Join Junglee Rummy, the most trusted rummy site, and start playing rummy online. To celebrate the season of love, we have an exciting ongoing Valentine’s Day Tournament series for all the lovebirds. Hurry up and join the tournament right now to win exciting prizes. Download rummy app onto your smartphone now and get a welcome bonus up to ₹5250! Happy gaming!

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