What Should You Know About Your Security in Junglee Rummy?

We Take Your Security Seriously


Over the last 8 years, we have made sure that we earn your trust by making Junglee Rummy one of the most secure online gaming platforms in India. The continuous and tireless effort that goes on behind the scenes, put in by our Anti Fraud team, has made sure that we can proudly state that we are the Most Trusted Rummy Site. They work round the clock, in conjunction with our proprietary Anti-Fraud algorithms which use the state of the art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning methodologies, to ensure that the only thing you worry about is the strategy for your next hand.

One of the promises we have made to you is to provide you with a safe and secure environment to play your favourite game. And we are excited to share all the things we have upgraded so that you can play your best game without worrying about unfair practices.

Registration and Verification 

The first checkpoint in our security is the moment a player registers on our site.  We don’t allow players under the legal age (18) to register themselves and participate in any real money games on our platforms. At this point, we also check your geolocation via IP Detection to have a fair understanding of the area/city/state from which you are registering. In compliance with state rules, our games are not allowed in certain jurisdictions. Players also have to submit a KYC proof (Aadhar card, Driving License, Passport Copy etc.) for verification – similar to what you do while opening a bank account. This ensures that you are playing against 100% genuine players. We maintain full compliance with the laws laid down by the country. 

Shuffling The Deck & Seat

Random and completely unbiased shuffling is one of the cornerstones of fair play. Our RNG software (Random Number Generator) has been certified by iTech Labs, a leading code security and audit firm based in Australia from the day of the launch. The architecture of our systems is completely automated, right from getting seated on a table to shuffling of the cards. This guarantees that every card that comes to you is dealt randomly. We also shuffle the seats of the players after every game to make sure that no two players sit next to each other in consecutive games and take unfair advantage of passing cards to each other.

Blocking of  Multiple Accounts

Creating multiple accounts is a violation of our Fair Play Policy, and we will blacklist and restrict offending players from further gameplay. Parameters like email address, mobile number, device, device IMEI, IP etc. are used to identify these players in real-time. We ensure that no one can bypass the measures that we have put in place to catch such players and if they do, an alert (using our state of the art detection mechanism)  is sent to the Anti-Fraud team to address the situation without any delay.  This is done to safeguard the experience and security of our players.

100% Safe and Secured platform

Our platform is totally encrypted and secured with SSL certificates. SSLs (Secure Socket Layer) are typically used by reputed banks for fund transfers and credit card transactions. We also use state-of-the-art data encryption and privacy standards that you find only on world-renowned sites and apps. Security of your data is one of the most important tasks that we have and we take it very seriously. Look out for the (Lock symbol) in the browser when you log on to Junglee Rummy from your phone, tablet or laptop

Real-Time Fraud Detection

We are excited to introduce this new feature, which adds more layers of security and identifies fraudulent activities. We have developed highly advanced machine learning algorithms to check each and every move of players on all the games running across the system. Our supercomputers process more than 1 trillion game records per month and develop highly sophisticated methods to catch fraud and collusion. At the end of each game, play patterns are sent to an application server that analyzes them and runs them against our proprietary collusion detector. At any hint of collusion, the entry fee of the game is compensated to the affected players as per our Fair Play Policy as per our Game Cancellation and Settlement policy.  

Here to Help

Our Customer Champions team has grown twice in size during the last few months to assist you 24×7 with any problem you might have faced during your gaming experience. Our Customer Champions are knowledgeable in tackling any queries you might bring to them and can now provide you with a resolution faster than ever before.  This along with more and more automation will make sure that you have 100% satisfaction when you ask us to resolve your problem.  

We at Junglee Rummy are always striving to provide our players a 100% safe, secure, fair and seamless gaming experience! So, keep playing and leave the rest to us.

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