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Web Rummy or Mobile Rummy: Which One is Better?


The question whether it’s better to play rummy on the web or mobile is a bit difficult to answer, but it is for sure that rummy is great fun, no matter on which platform you play the game. The game has an incredible fan following worldwide, and it’s evolved to an extent where people regularly play online rummy for money.

However, to put matters into perspective, let’s have a look at both the platforms to see how they differ in terms of playability and ease of access, should you ever find yourself pondering over the question.

Web Rummy

It’s been quite a while since rummy started being played online on the web. Over the course of years, the number of people playing rummy online has witnessed a sharp increase . Moreover, with the time, there’s also been an increase in the number of people who play rummy online for money at professional tournaments. So much so, that a few people have actually made it their full-time profession to play rummy and earn money.

Gone are the days when people used to stick to the inbuilt spider solitaire game, which came with the PC. Nowadays, with the phenomenal increase in the broadband speed, there’s been a switch as people are going online to explore card games like rummy, poker and blackjack and competing against players from all over the world.

Playing rummy on the web on a desktop or a laptop allows a player to experience the game on a big screen with more room to throw in some additional accessories. And, the ability to connect a projector for a larger-than-life experience or to add in a set of speakers to immerse oneself in the game adds even more fun.

Mobile Rummy

Even with all the perks that come with playing rummy on the web, there’s one thing that makes playing rummy on a mobile more practical — accessibility. There was a time when mobiles were neither that sophisticated, nor so powerful. However, all that changed with the arrival of smartphones, packing more power and allowing games of rummy to be enjoyed irrespective of where a player might be at any given point in time. This came as a blessing in disguise for professional players, who usually play rummy for real cash and hate to spend time in a static environment. The mobile enables those players to experience the game on the go, thanks to increased connectivity with the arrival of 4G in India allowing incredible data transfer on the mobile.

In the end, the question whether the web rummy is better or mobile rummy boils down to an individual’s preference. It’s simple: there are people who like playing the game glued to their laptops at home, and then there are those who like to take the game outdoors.

So, what’s your preference? Please let us know in the comments below!

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